How do I delete iTunes radio stations from my iPhone?

Custom iTunes Radio stations can be deleted on an iOS device by following these steps:

  1. Open the Music app and navigate to Radio.
  2. Tap Edit next to My Stations.
  3. After the list of My Stations appears, swipe left on the station you wish to delete.
  4. Tap the red Delete button to remove the station.

Does iTunes radio still exist?

Apple discontinued the free ad-supported iTunes Radio stations last month and moved most of the channels behind the door of its subscription-based Apple Music service. Apple’s Beats 1 Radio stream is still available free, as are some stations like NPR and BBC World Service. …

How do I turn off iTunes radio?

Go to Settings > Music and tap to turn off the toggle switch for Show Apple Music. With this setting turned off, the For You and New buttons are removed from the Music app. You can also remove the Connect button by going to Settings > General > Restrictions and toggling off Apple Music Connect.

How do I get my radio station on iTunes?

Create a Station on Your Computer

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Find a song or album you like, then click the ellipsis (three dots) button.
  3. Click Create Station.
  4. A new station based on your selection will begin playing.

What does create a station mean Apple Music?

If you subscribe to Apple Music, you can create your very own station from the music that you love. Create a custom station: Play an artist, song, or genre, go to Now Playing, tap More or click More , then choose Create Station. Or say “Hey Siri, start a station from,” then say the name of a song, artist, or genre.

How do I delete Apple Music one?

Cancel on an Android Device Open the hamburger menu in the app and select Subscriptions to see all your current and former subscriptions. Tap the Remove link next to the Apple Music entry to cancel the service.

How do I block Apple radio on my iPhone?

Answer: A: Answer: A: You can turn off apple music on your iOS device by going to settings—>music and turning off the Apple music option. You can also do this on the computer by unchecking Apple music in the preferences.

How do I get rid of Apple Music listen now?

To lose them, open up Settings, then select “Music.” In the Music preferences, simply toggle off the “Show Apple Music” switch. That’s it.