How do I decorate my mantel?

For an easy fireplace mantel decorating idea, hang a mirror in the middle and a sconce on either side. Anchor the mantel with a larger vase in front of the mirror and fill in with smaller accessories, such as vases, candlesticks, and decorative objects. Pick up on colors and materials found elsewhere in the room.

How do you style a mantle?

The Basics of How To Style a Mantel

  1. A Focal Piece. Some designers call this an anchor piece.
  2. Large, Interesting Decor.
  3. Less is More.
  4. Add a Living Element.
  5. Elevate Smaller Decor.
  6. Break the Symmetry.
  7. Balance Visual Weight.
  8. Group Objects in Odd Numbers.

What should I hang over my mantel?

15 Mantel Decor Ideas for Above Your Fireplace

  • Mirror. Image Provided by: New Darlings.
  • Art. You don’t have to be a fine art connoisseur to feature art you love in your home, and above your mantel is the perfect place to show off your artistic taste.
  • Family Photos.
  • Television.
  • Clock.
  • Wreath.
  • Chalkboard.
  • Window Pane.

How do you arrange items on shelves?

The basic rule of thumb for decorating bookshelves: one-third books, one-third accessories, and one-third empty space per shelf. If you’re short on storage, fill the bottom shelf with identical boxes or baskets. Organize 60 percent of books vertically and 40 percent horizontally to create both balance and spontaneity.

How do you display knick knacks without looking cluttered?

How to Avoid Clutter When Decorating with Knick-Knacks:

  1. Keep Like Items Together. When you group your knick-knacks with intention, you add a more unified feeling to the room.
  2. Keep The Smallest Knick-Knacks In Jars.
  3. Create A Purpose For Your Knick-Knacks.
  4. Stack Things Up.
  5. Use A Bookshelf.

How do I make my shelves look nice?

Lean artwork along the back of the shelves, and anchor them with books or heavier objects. To decorate the bookcase, place a few small pieces of art near the front of the shelves to give them depth.

How to build a custom fireplace mantel?

Spread a canvas drop cloth onto the floor in front of the fireplace.

  • Cut three poplar boards to size to form the vertical pilasters and horizontal frieze of the fireplace mantel.
  • Join the boards together with glue and pocket screws.
  • Rout a rabbet into the back edges of the mantel so that it will overlap the wall tiles that surround the fireplace.
  • How to decorate a mantel?

    How to Decorate a Fireplace Mantel. Try a Minimal Approach. Sometimes,less is more. You don’t have to use a lot of items to make an impact on your

  • Maximum Appeal.
  • Hide Your TV.
  • Keep it Symmetrical.
  • Try an Asymmetrical Approach.
  • How to decorate a fireplace mantel?

    1. Pick Up Some Great Home Decor Items. If you want to give your fireplace mantel a personalized look,take some handpicked home decor items,surf

  • 2. Giving Your Living Room Fireplace a Royal Look.
  • 3. DIY Decorating Ideas for the Fireplace.
  • 4. Modern Farmhouse Inspired Mantel Decor Ideas.
  • 5. A Place to Show Off Your Home Decor Collection.
  • What to put on a fireplace mantel?

    Here are a few ideas: Picture frames Candlesticks Statues Vases Clocks Decorative boxes Framed prints, paintings, and mirrors (lean them against the back wall for a casual look, then layer smaller pieces in front of them) Decorative plates (on stands) Stacks of books Shadow boxes with interesting items mounted on them