How are John Elkann and Andrea Agnelli related?

Juventus F.C. In May 2010, he was appointed Chairman of the board of directors of Juventus by his first cousin John Elkann, becoming the fourth member of the Agnelli family to run the football club after his father, his uncle and his grandfather. The same season Juventus won the first scudetto undefeated under Agnelli.

What is Juventus net worth?

In 2019, Juventus FC had a team value of 1.51 billion U.S. dollars.

Do the Agnelli family still own fiat?

Both are owned by the holding company Exor, with the Agnelli family a majority shareholder (29% stake in Fiat and 27% stake in CNH Industrial).

What companies does Exor own?

About Exor NV FCA, CNH Industrial, Ferrari, PartnerRe and Juventus Football Club, together with Holdings System, constitute the Company’s six operating segments.

How long has Agnelli family owned Juventus?

Participation in business and sports The Economist, part of The Economist Group, the clan owns over 47% of the share. Juventus, the most renowned Italian association football club, and one of world’s most successful teams operated by the Agnellis since 1923 to 1943 and since 1947 to date.

Who owns Giovanni Agnelli BV?

Exor (company)

Type Public (N.V.)
Total equity €13.09 million (2020)
Owner Giovanni Agnelli B.V. (52.99%)
Number of employees 263,284 (approx) (2020)

Who is John Elkann wife Lavinia Borromeo?

Lavinia Borromeo Wiki (John Elkann’s Wife) Biography, Age, Family, Net worth, Height, Weight, Kids, Ethnicity, Personal Life Affairs, Body Statistics, Parents & Facts: Lavinia Borromeo (born March 10, 1977) is an Italy born American Businesswoman and Homemaker. She is the wife of John Elkann.

Who is Princess Lavinia Borromeo?

Princess Lavinia Borromeo is the last descendant of the Borromeo family: this noble family was the owner of the islands for centuries. Borromeo family is one of the premier Italian families that became rich through trade and banking. Lavinia Borromeo and John Elkann made up a beautiful couple: she was 26, he was 28.

How old is John Elkann’s wife?

She was born on 10th March 1977 in Milan, Italy. Therefore, the age of John Elkann’s wife is Forty-One (41) years old as in 2018. Her father “Carlo Ferdinando Borromeo” is a businessman. In fact, their family is famous for trading and banking businesses. Her mother “Marion Sibille Zota” is a Homemaker.

What is Donna Lavinia Borromeo net worth?

The family has an amazing collection of cars and bungalows. Furthermore, the estimated net worth of Lavinia Borromeo is $600 million USD as of 2018. Donna Lavinia Borromeo.