Does the Faberge company still create jewelry today?

In 1924, Peter Carl’s sons Alexander and Eugène Fabergé opened Fabergé & Cie in Paris, making similar jewellery items and adding the name of the city to their rival firm’s trademark, styling it FABERGÉ, PARIS. Today, the brand is solely used for jewellery items and gem stones.

Is Faberge jewelry a good investment?

Fabergé is one of the most important names in European jewelry, and it’s been that way for close to 200 years. The most important families in Russia purchased from Fabergé. Today, Fabergé remains one of the top jewelry investments, and like the Kashmir sapphire, appreciates in value year-to-year.

Is Faberge Russian?

Faberge was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, to the Baltic German jeweller Gustav Fabergé and his German wife Charlotte Jungstedt, the daughter of Katarina Augusta Hertig and Karl Jungstedt.

Are Faberge eggs still made?

While the opulence of the original, imperial eggs remains limited to the first series produced under Peter Carl Fabergé, the House of Fabergé has continued to make luxury eggs, exquisite jewellery and objects d’art for a century. Find some of these treasures in our Fabergé Imperial Collection themed auctions.

Is jewelry worth buying?

When buying fine jewelry, we often see the price tag and question if it’s worth the substantial upfront costs. But the answer is yes- always yes- it’s definitely worth it. Buying fine jewelry is rewarding because pieces can be worn many times without the re-wear fear. It can become your statement piece.

Is it wise to invest in jewelry?

It is a wise and valuable asset to have as it continues to grow in value every year. In fact, many investors prefer investing in jewelry more because it is less risky than other markets. Its value continues to steadily appreciate over time.

Where can I buy Fabergé jewelry online?

Shop Fabergé Fine Jewelry at to find beautiful pieces at great prices. Browse new & pre-owned jewelry. Free shipping on many items. Fabergé Fine Jewelry for Sale | Shop Designer Jewelry | eBay

Why choose Fabergé engagement rings?

The diamonds & coloured gemstones decorating Fabergé rings are selected for their quality, rarity & beauty – creating an exquisite colourful palette. Colours of Love Rose Gold Oval Purple Sapphire Fluted Ring with Multicoloured Gemstone Shoulders

Who is Faberge Fabergé?

Cosmopolitan, widely-traveled and himself a master goldsmith, the younger Fabergé drew early design inspiration when he volunteered to catalogue and restore pieces in the imperial jewelry collection in the Hermitage.

How much does a Faberge 18k yellow gold ring cost?

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