Does ASU have a music program?

As one of the top music schools in the nation, the music program at Arizona State University is committed to inspiring and empowering our students to become creative leaders who transform society through music.

Does ASU have a choir?

Quick facts about the ASU Choral Program ASU has 6 choirs. Some 300 students and nearly 100 community members participate in ASU choirs each semester.

Is University of Arizona a good music school?

University of Arizona Music Rankings The bachelor’s program at University of Arizona was ranked #379 on College Factual’s Best Schools for music list. It is also ranked #2 in Arizona.

Does ASU offer music production?

New facility in downtown Phoenix will house recording studios, performance space. Editor’s note: This story is being highlighted in ASU Now’s year in review. The School of Music at ASU is now accepting applications for the program, which will begin in fall 2020, according to Heather Landes, director of the school.

Does ASU have a recording studio?

There are (4) audio and video studio locations for ASU Online. Two are on the Tempe campus in the computing commons building and the other two are the SkySong building.

How many students does ASU have?

74,878 (2019)
Arizona State University/Total enrollment

How do I audition for musical theatre at the University of Arizona?

To begin your audition, please apply to the University of Arizona then you will be prompted to apply to the Acting/Musical Theatre Program. After that, you may upload your Prescreen videos to your Admissions portal.

What time is the call for musical theatre applicants?

All Musical Theatre applicants are required to attend this call from 10:00-11:15am on campus. All invited applicants who have passed their prescreen audition will be sent a video with instructions for filming an submitting a recorded dance audition.

What skills do I need to apply as a musical theatre student?

First-Year applicants should have training and experience in musical theatre techniques and production. The ability to read music and training in dance are helpful. We only consider Transfer or Change of Major applicants at the Sophomore level.

What is a BA in theatre?

The BA program in theatre provides students with a rigorous academic and hands-on theatre… The BA program in theatre with a concentration in acting provides students with a rigorous… The BA program in theatre with a concentration in design and production provides students a…