Do stipendiary magistrates get paid?

a magistrate who gets a salary. A Stipendiary magistrate has been appointed under statutory provisions to act instead of, or in cooperation with, unpaid lay justices of the peace.

What is the difference between lay magistrates and stipendiary magistrates?

Lay Magistrates are the more common type of magistrates. Lay magistrates give their time on voluntary, although expenses can be paid (under the Justices of Peace Act 1979). Stipendiary magistrates are qualified lawyers, who are appointed to sit as full-time professional judges in magistrates’ courts.

What is a stipendiary magistrate Australia?

“ stipendiary magistrate” means a person appointed to and holding office as a stipendiary magistrate under this Act and includes the Chief Stipendiary Magistrate and Deputy Chief Stipendiary Magistrate. (3)A person appointed as a stipendiary magistrate is empowered to act as such at any place in the State.

Who is stipendiary magistrate in India?

Stipendiary magistrates were approved solicitors or advocates, and they handled similar summary cases as sheriffs, for example drink driving, dangerous driving and assault cases.

What do stipendiary magistrates do?

A salaried full time judge who sits in a magistrates’ court, generally to hear more serious cases than those assigned to benches of two or three lay justices (of the peace). They can be authorised to hear cases in the Family Court. …

What was the main duty of the stipendiary magistrate?

(1) The Chief Stipendiary Magistrate is responsible for ensuring the orderly and expeditious exercise of the jurisdiction and powers of Magistrates Courts.

What are the disadvantages of lay magistrates?


  • Lack legal knowledge as they haven’t really studied law in much depth as judges would have.
  • Inconsistency in sentencing across the country, different areas for more or less the same offence will get different convictions and sentences.

Is SDM First Class Magistrate?

SDM’s in Sub-Divisions are normally of 2nd Class and tehsildars in a state are treated as 3rd Class magistrates. Primary function of district magistrate (DM) is Maintenance of law and order and safety in the district.

Can magistrates sit alone?

role in criminal courts The stipendiary magistrate can sit alone, but lay magistrates may sit only as a bench of two or more. Magistrates’ courts commit the trials of more serious crimes—such as murder, rape, and robbery—to the Crown Court system.

What is the meaning of word stipendiary?

1 : receiving or compensated by wages or salary a stipendiary curate. 2 : of or relating to a stipend.

What powers do lay magistrates have?

Lay magistrates carry out a wide range of work, a high percentage of the time the work is connected to criminal cases however they do deal with some civil matters for example non payment of bills to companies like gas, water and electricity. Magistrates try 97% of criminal cases.