Do colleges offer equestrian scholarships?

There are currently four Division 2 equestrian programs offering NCAA scholarships and they are Stonehill College in Massachusetts, University of Minnesota, Pace University in New York, and West Texas A&M.

How many equestrian scholarships are there?

83 Schools sponsored varsity Equestrian teams during 2019-20:

Division # of teams Average Scholarship *
NCAA I 19 16,567
NCAA II 4 6,825

Does Stanford offer equestrian scholarships?

Equestrian is a club sport at Stanford, which means that the team is student-funded. We do get some funding from Club Sports and the ASSU. Team members work with The Stanford Fund every quarter to raise money for the team.

How do I join a college equestrian team?


  1. Contact the equestrian team coach at each school on your list to introduce yourself and request information about recruiting process.
  2. Prepare a resume of your riding accomplishments.
  3. Prepare a short video of your best riding performance in a lesson and in a competition.

How do I get a college equestrian scholarship?

Students across the United States are eligible for Intercollegiate Equestrian Foundation Scholarships, which are awarded annually at the IHSA National Horse Show. Qualified applicants are in financial need for higher education, and exhibit strong histories of equestrian experience and involvement.

Does Harvard have an equestrian team?

The team has purchased the Harvard Polo and Equestrian Center and expanded to include men’s, women’s, and junior-varsity teams. United by a love of horses, Harvard’s players hail from a diversity of geographical backgrounds and boast varying levels of polo experience.

Does MIT have an equestrian team?

MIT Equestrian Team. Open to all students, staff and faculty at MIT. All leves of riders are welcome on the team.

Can I bring my horse to college?

When you’re looking at boarding on campus, ask about the school’s policy regarding your horse. Some schools don’t allow a student’s horse to be used in lessons (even if the owner is riding), while others permit or even require it.

What is equestrian schooling?

Re-schooling a horse means training it in a way that will break unwanted behaviors. It can also be called re-training. Schooling can be done with a horse of any age and at any level of training. Many people never regard their horses as fully trained and there is always something new to learn or to refine.

Do you need your own horse to ride in college?

You don’t need your own horse to ride for most collegiate equestrian teams, so this is a much less expensive way to stay in the saddle. Riding unfamiliar horses, usually owned by the school, is the common denominator in collegiate equestrian competition governed by several organizations.

Can you bring your own horse to SCAD?

SCAD is the only art and design school to offer an equestrian team, and only Savannah offers the riding program. Riders on the team are treated like athletes in any varsity sport. They work with a personal trainer, do yoga and posture training so they’re aware of everything they need to perform well in equitation.