Did Rosemary Clooney appear in ER?

In 1995, Clooney guest-starred in the NBC television medical drama ER (starring her nephew, George Clooney); for her performance, she received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series.

What episode of ER was Rosemary Clooney on?

Going Home

“Going Home”
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date September 29, 1994
US viewers 23.9 M
Written by Lydia Woodward

Who played Rosemary Clooney’s granddaughter in ER?

Tessa Ferrer, 33, who plays Nurse Duckett, is Rosemary’s granddaughter. The six-part series starts on Channel 4 on Thursday next week and is a co-production with the US TV service Hulu.

Why did Maura Tierney leave ER?

Although Tierney asked for Abby Lockhart to be killed off, the producers just wouldn’t go along with it. They felt that Tierney and her character were too vital to the show, so they instead gave her a great storyline to play out in the remaining episodes, and ironically, she was fine with that.

What happened to Maura Tierney on ER?

Tierney confirmed in April 2008 that she would be leaving ER shortly after the beginning of the show’s fifteenth season. In October 2008, she made her final regular appearance on the series after nearly 10 seasons on the show.

Does Abby marry Kovac on ER?

Abigail Marjorie Lockhart (née Wyczenski) is a medical doctor on the TV series ER. She is married to Dr. Luka Kovač with whom she has a son, Josip.

What was George Clooney’s last episode on ER?

And In The End – Parts 1 and 2
ER/Latest episode

Who is George Clooney’s parents?

Nick Clooney
Nina Bruce Warren
George Clooney/Parents

Oscar-winning actor George Clooney was born in Lexington, Ky., in May 1961, the son of Nina and Nick Clooney. His mother was a former state beauty queen and his father was a TV newscaster and talk-show host.

Why did Jack Orman leave ER?

The former show-runner, Jack Orman, left last season to start his own company, and NBC asked – most likely begged – John Wells for help. Wells was busy running The West Wing, so instead he reached out to Chulack – a logical choice because ER is tightly wrapped into Chulack’s DNA and vice versa.