Can you use a TI 83 for statistics?

The TI 83 graphing calculator is a popular hand held calculator that’s most often recommended for stats students. The calculator has an array of functions that can help you with your elementary stats or AP stats course. For example, the calculator has a built in function for linear regression.

Do you need a calculator for statistics?

Do you need a graphing calculator for AP statistics? No. The AP test can be accomplished with your own scientific calculator and the z-table, t-table, and χ²-table provided in the AP Stats test booklet.

What is the formula for the test statistic?

The formula to calculate the test statistic comparing two population means is, Z= ( x – y )/√(σx2/n1 + σy2/n2). In order to calculate the statistic, we must calculate the sample means ( x and y ) and sample standard deviations (σx and σy) for each sample separately.

What mode should calculator be in for statistics?

Almost all calculators come with both DEG & RAD mode. You should use the mode which matches with the given data in the question. For example: if we need to find cos(v) and v=60°, then use degree mode because given angle is in degree. If the given angle is in radians then use RAD mode.

What is the best TI calculator for statistics?

As far as statistics is concerned, the best calculator for statistics is the TI-83, though the TI-89 comes close. My recommendation is because: It’s the best bang for your buck, at about half the price of a TI-89. Most professors (including myself) use it in the classroom.

Is there an iOS/Android app for ti-83/83+/84+?

The very popular iOS/Android app is now for TI-83/83+/84+, optimized for 84+. This program has MORE OPTIONS than the original app, including SPEED and GRAVITY settings, and instructions. NO external programs like MirageOS needed and under 1,8k storage required.

Is there a Tetris program for the TI-83+/84+?

My implementation of Tetris for the TI-83+/84+ devices, featuring code written completely in TI-BASIC (with 95%+ coding done on the calculator itself), a custom menu, a pause menu, saving, loading, highscores (just numbers, sadly), and a help-screen. This program finds the midpoint of 2 points. Please look at screenshot. Thank you for downloading!

What is the TI-Basic Math program?

This is a TI-Basic program that when you type in the variables for certain math equations, it gives you the answer to the math problem. It includes several Algebra Equations including slope, Pythagorean Theorem, distance, midpoint, and quadratic. It also includes geometry equations too.