Can you replace modular PSU cables?

Now, there is only ONE way to get an exact replacement set of cables for it and that is through EVGA, much as for pretty much all power supplies the only way to get a replacement set of cables is through whoever the PSU was sold by, EVGA, Seasonic, Corsair, Antec, Rosewill, Super Flower, etc.

Are all modular PSU cables compatible?

No but every modular power supplies comes with enough cables for what it can handle. So there is no need to worry about not having enough cables for what it can handle unless if the cables were misplaced.

Are EPS cables interchangeable?

Yes, the 8-pin ports on the RMx are pinned the same. You can use EITHER PCIe or EPS12V cables in those ports.

Are modular cables universal?

There is no universal standard for modular PSU output cables.

Are modular cables interchangeable?

There is no universal standard for modular PSU cables. This is a public service announcement (PSA) – Never mix modular or semi-modular PSU cables between power supplies. Mixing Modular PSU Cables Can Kill Hard Drives or connected SSDs. Power components of a PC only with the modular cables bundled with a power supply.

Are EPS and PCIE cables the same?

They are completely different. The EPS connector is meant to supply power to a motherboard cpu socket while the PCI express connector is meant to supply power to a GPU.

Are all non modular PSU cables the same?

Fully Modular. The main difference between the different types of PSUs lies in how they treat their cabling. Non-modular power supplies have all cables permanently attached. Semi-modular power supplies have some cables attached (the most important ones).

Are modular PCIE cables universal?

Can I use same PSU cables?

Judicious. Best to use the cables that come with the new PSU.

Does it matter which PCIe cable I use?

No, it doesn’t matter which you use.

Are CPU and PCIe cables interchangeable?

Yes, as they both provide 12 V. Also You can see it on description of those ports, if they have common description of “CPU/PCI-e” then You are sure that there will be no problem. As You can see in above photo those ports are interchangeable and have the same connector outlay.