Can I put clear tint on my windshield?

After decades of hearing our customers plea for a window film that we could legally install on their front windshields, T Tinting Specialists now has “AIR 80 – Windshield Heat Blocker”, a virtually clear film by Llumar that reduces an incredible 43% of the sun’s heat and 99.9% of the UV Rays!

What percent is factory windshield tint?

Although the exact amount varies, most automakers apply very little tint on car windows. Generally, the factory window tint percentage ranges between 15% and 20 % on most cars. This means that the windows (usually the rare window) lets in just about the 15-20 % of visible light and deflect 85-85%.

Do front windshields have UV protection?

All automobiles have laminated windshields in the front that protect from both types of the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB). However, the rear and side windows of cars are usually made of tempered glass which does not protect against UVA rays.

Can you tint your whole windshield?

In California, it’s illegal to tint either windshield (except for the strip at the very top), and the windows next to the driver and front-seat passenger. Back-seat windows can have a tint. Tints ensure privacy and help keep interiors safe from sun damage. After my fix-it ticket, I became obsessed with car windows.

What percent tint is privacy glass?

Most manufacturers Privacy Glass measures between 22% – 28% VLT (Visible Light Transmission). Many new cars come with Privacy Glass and it is usually on all windows except the front 2 door windows and the front windscreen.

Who is huper Optik USA?

Huper Optik USA is the world leader in nanoceramic window films across multiple applications. Let us help you create the perfect window. Hüper Optik is the world leader in nanoceramic window films. Our patented technology offers solar control for automotive, commercial, residential, marine and security applications.

Is huper Optik window tint UV protected?

It’s important to note that many window tint films today provide 99.9 percent UV ray protection, including Huper Optik products. The ceramic used in the Ceramic Series by Huper Optik is patented in its use, thus giving the Germany-originated company exclusive access to the atomic-fine, highly effective material.

What are the benefits of huper Optik and 3M films?

Both Huper Optik and 3m films can significantly improve driver comfort, protection against harmful rays, stall the effects of aging of your car’s interior due to sun exposure, and reduces energy use often devoted to maintaining ideal interior temperature.

Does Hüper’s Drei reduce heat gain through windows?

Upon completion of the installation, looking through the windows from the inside of the structure it is nearly impossible to see the difference of visibility through the glass, but reduced heat gain through the windows is very noticeable.” Our receptionist doesn’t have to “squint” anymore, since Hüper’s Drei was installed.