Are Kortney and Dave Wilson still married?

Kortney and Dave Wilson of Masters Of Flip announced that they are getting divorced. The Ontario-native stars released a statement on Instagram Thursday afternoon, explaining the end of their 18-year marriage.

What happened to Kortney Wilson?

Kortney and Dave Wilson have three children Despite being married for 18 years and co-authoring the book “Live Happy: The Best Ways to Make Your House a Home,” which revealed their secrets to creating a perfect home and happy marriage (via Barnes & Noble), the couple announced their divorce in 2019.

Who is Kortney Wilson married to?

Dave Wilsonm.?–2019
Kortney Wilson/Spouse

What happened to Kevin on masters of flip?

It seems Kortney’s brother remains involved in coaching hockey, as he appeared on the podcast Behind the Gear to share his expertise as well as his experiences with being a new father (it’s been “pretty good” so far, he said) in August 2020. Kevin has actually racked up several appearances on the show.

Where is making it home with Kortney and Kenny filmed?

Originally starring Dave and Kortney Wilson, formerly of the series Masters of Flip, the series features the duo helping homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area to perform renovations on their homes.

How old is Kortney Wilson?

42 years (February 8, 1979)
Kortney Wilson/Age

Is Masters of Flip coming back?

Secret’s Out: Kortney and Dave Are Back! Nashville home-flip wunderkinds Kortney and Dave Wilson are back for a brand-new season of Masters of Flip.

Where was Dave Wilson born?

Richmond, Ottawa, Canada
Dave Wilson/Place of birth

Where is making it home with Kortney & Dave filmed?

Greater Toronto

What nationality is Dave Wilson?

The Wilsons are Canadian husband and wife Dave and Kortney Wilson, who were country musicians and television personalities in Nashville, Tennessee. They are now TV presenters on the HGTV program Masters of Flip, having given up their music careers.

Who is Kenny of Kortney and Kenny on HGTV?

Kenny Brain (born August 26, 1988), is a Canadian television personality, currently cohost with Kortney Wilson of the HGTV Canada home renovation series Making it Home with Kortney and Kenny.

How old is Kortney Wilson HGTV?

Kortney Wilson
Born February 8, 1979 Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Genres Country
Occupation(s) Singer, Realtor, HGTV Star
Instruments Vocals