Will CoC have TH14?

The exact TH14 release date is set for April 12. We did know that the Spring update would be available in April 2021.

Is CoC going to be removed?

Clash of Clans is not facing removal from iPhone (iOS) and Android in 2022. The Clash of Clans app will still be playable on supported smartphones and tablets, as no delisting will take place. Support for Clash of Clans is ending for iPhone and Android users running outdated OS versions, however.

Does COC remove Supercell?

Rest assured, it seems as though the shutting down claims are merely rumours. The game is still on the app store and the Clash of Clans social media accounts have not given any indication that the game will be removed come 2022. Likewise, game developing company Supercell also haven’t mentioned a shut down.

How many healers can you get from a clan castle?

This number increases to 24 if you include the 3 that can fit into a level 9 or higher Clan Castle. On the battlefield, you can clone an additional 8 Healers with four level 5 or higher Clone Spells (three from the regular spell inventory and one from a max-level Clan Castle), for a total of 32 Healers.

What happened to healers heal rate on Heroes?

Healers’ heal rate on Heroes will revert to normal values (unintentionally set to 70%, we’ll revert it to the usual 50%). Added the level 5 Healer. Reduced level 3 and 4 upgrade times. Reduced level 5 training cost.

What are the changes to healer Level 3 and 4?

Increased hitpoints and heal of Healer (levels 3 and 4). Healers have been trained to avoid distraction: now they will always try to stick with and protect the same group of friendly troops. Healer does not trigger the Skeleton Trap anymore.

How many healers can you have at one time?

The training time was shortened from 20 minutes to 15 minutes and the required housing space was lowered from 20 to 14. You can have a maximum of 21 Healers at one time in a complete set of fully upgraded Army Camps. This number increases to 24 if you include the 3 that can fit into a level 9 or higher Clan Castle.