Why is my Snapchat story not saving?

If you’re having issues backing up your memories, connect to Wi-Fi and make sure your device has a good internet connection. You may also need to free up storage space on your device. To free up storage space on your device… (Clearing your cache won’t delete any of your Memories, Snaps, or Chats.)

How do you refresh the cache on Snapchat?

Clear Your Cache

  1. Tap ⚙️ in My Profile to open Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap ‘Clear Cache’
  3. Tap ‘Clear All’ on iOS, or tap ‘Continue’ on Android.

Does clearing cache on Snapchat delete my eyes only?

Be it files from your Stories, Memories, or Lenses, and they will all be deleted — as long as Snapchat saved them to your device in the background, without your knowledge. Clearing your Snapchat cache will not delete any data from your Snapchat account.

How do you save someone’s Snapchat story without them knowing 2021?

What we tried:

  1. Turn Airplane Mode on, turn Wifi off, open the Snap, and screenshot.
  2. Turn Airplane Mode on, keep Wifi on, open the Snap, and screenshot.
  3. Open the Snap, then turn Airplane Mode on.
  4. Close Snapchat, turn Airplane Mode on, then re-open the app and screenshot.

How do you get Snapchat to automatically save your story?

Open Snapchat, and on the camera screen, swipe down. Tap the gear icon and then select Memories. Flip the Auto-save Stories switch.

Why are my Snapchat stories blurry?

This is because Snapchat uses various compression techniques when you upload your videos in order to save time – the more compressed the video is, the less time it takes to upload and to save money – the smaller the file size, the less bandwidth it consumes.

How do you save someone’s Snapchat story without them knowing 2020?

Using Google Assistant (Android)

  1. Open snap.
  2. Wake up Google Assistant by saying “OK Google” or long-pressing the home button.
  3. Say “take screenshot” or “capture screenshot” or type “take screenshot”
  4. Choose the app you want to share the screenshot on.

Can you save someone’s snap story?

How to save a Story you or a friend created: Tap your Profile icon at the top of the screen. Tap next to the Story to save it!

Why does Snapchat take up so much storage?

Having said that, the primary reason behind your Snapchat storage space increasing is due to cache which the app produces and stores every time you use the app. This is a simple guide showing you how to reduce the Snapchat app’s storage size. Some of the tips in this guide can also be used on Android devices too.