Why is it called an E flat Sax?

The use of the saxophone in marching bands was much more popular than in orchestras so the Bb and Eb lived on and the C and F saxophones became extinct. The use of Bb and Eb simply meant that people writing charts for marching bands only had 2 keys to deal with.

How do you play the key C on the saxophone?

Description: 1 To play a middle C, using your LEFT hand, place your middle finger on the middle main key of your saxophone. 2 To play a high C, simply add the Register key (sometimes known as the Octave key) using your LEFT thumb at the back of your saxophone.

Why are saxophones E flat?

What is E on alto sax?

• There are actually THREE E notes on alto saxophone. Description: 1 To play a low E, add all three main fingers on your left hand, plus the first two fingers on your right hand. 2 To play a middle E, keep all main fingers on their main keys just like a Low E, but add the Register key with your LEFT thumb.

What does EB stand for on alto sax?

The alto saxophone, also referred to as the alto sax or simply the alto, is a member of the saxophone family of woodwind instruments. Invented by Belgian instrument designer Adolphe Sax in the 1840s and patented in 1846, it is pitched in E♭, smaller than the tenor but larger than the soprano.

What are the different fingerings on the saxophone?

Some alternate fingerings are designed for fast passages, while others modify the tone, color, or pitch at normal and extreme dynamic levels. These fingerings are the same on all sizes of saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, and bass) unless specified otherwise. << Back to First Octave Note Written Fingering Description Src.

How do you play F sharp on alto saxophone?

On the alto saxophone you leave your F-natural down, add your bottom side-kick, your B-flat side key. That gives you F-sharp. Then to get to G we put our first finger down in the right hand and lift up the middle finger so now it’s just front F, first finger right hand and the B-flat side key. F-sharp is different on tenor and alto saxophone.

How hard is it to learn the saxophone?

Those who come to the saxophone from those instruments will find the sax fingering system very easy to learn. The fingering is the same for the whole saxophone family, the two most popular ones being the alto and the tenor: sopranino. soprano.

How do you play B flat on saxophone?

B-flat is also the same on both saxophones. I use the third finger, middle side key in your right hand, and one, two and three. To get to B natural for both tenor and alto, I add the D palm key and I lift up two and three. The note C is the same on both alto and tenor — one, three, and one, three, E-flat pinkie key.