Why do my archive folders keep disappearing in Outlook?

Please make sure your Outlook is up to date. To do that, go to File > Office Account > Update Options > Update Now. 4. If convenient, you can try re-adding your account into Outlook to see if the folder comes back.

How do I manage Outlook online archive?

Archive older items automatically

  1. Click File > Options > Advanced.
  2. Under AutoArchive, click AutoArchive Settings.
  3. Click the Run AutoArchive every n days box and specify how often to run AutoArchive.
  4. Choose any other options you want, such as having Outlook delete old items instead of archiving them.

How do I restore archived emails in Outlook?

Restore Your Archived Outlook Email (Windows)

  1. Find your archive. pst file. Note: This file may also be named something else, but will have a . pst file extension.
  2. In Outlook select File > Accounts Settings > Account Settings… > Data Files tab > Add…
  3. Browse to where you saved your Archive. pst file.
  4. Click OK.

Why is my archive folder empty?

One of the possible reasons could be that the emails you’re trying to access is over 365 days old. You may have lost them due to inactivity in the account. To help resolve your concern, kindly check the Deleted Items folder and let’s see if you’re able to restore your missing emails.

Where is Outlook online archive stored?

Exchange server
10. Your online archive mailbox is stored on the Exchange server, so it could take some time to download the entire thing to your computer. 11. When the export is complete, your new PST file will appear in Outlook’s navigation pane and will look like a shared mailbox.

Does the Outlook 2013 read online archive mailbox as alternate mailbox?

The outlook reads online archive mailbox as alternate mailbox in Test email configuration logs but however it is not appearing in outlook. Tried in different machine with outlook 2013 installed and working fine. Tried in different machine with outlook same version 16.0.11328.20362 installed and not working.

How to fix ‘in-place archive not showing in Outlook 2013’?

Moreover, according to email policies, users can utilize that folder wherever required. Users can also enable the Archive mailbox with help of Exchange PowerShell commands to resolve the error ‘In-Place Archive Not Showing In Outlook 2013’. To learn the procedure, go through following set of commands:

How to archive emails in outlook?

From folders list, you will find an online archive folder The archive mailbox is now enabled in your Outlook account and one can drag & drop items into this folder. Moreover, according to email policies, users can utilize that folder wherever required.

How do I troubleshoot problems with the online archive mailbox?

If the issue occurs for a user who is trying to access the Online Archive mailbox of another user, you can use the Support and Recovery Assistant (SaRA) tool to scan Outlook and review advanced diagnostics for known problems and details about the Microsoft Outlook configuration.