Why are Magna tiles so expensive?

Why Are Magna-Tiles So Expensive? Magna-Tiles are so expensive because you’re paying for the brand name. The quality might be a little higher than the cheaper alternatives, but at the end of the day, I’ve found my toddler can’t tell the difference between the real and the cheaper alternative tiles.

Why is Connetix so expensive?

The Connetix Tiles also has a wider variety of shapes including another triangle, small rectangle and large square. There is a reason that the Connetix Tiles cost more – it’s because they are the top quality and are a leading brand in Magnetic Tiles.

Do MagnaTiles ever go on sale?

As I stated above, MagnaTiles rarely go on sale. They occasionally pop up on Zulily, and you can typically get a good price on them at Target during the holiday shopping season. I always recommend buying them during the Buy More Save More toy sale or the 25% Off One Toy Circle offer.

Are Magna Tiles better than other brands?

They are made with high quality ceramic magnets and BPA free plastic. When holding them side by side with the other brands you can see and feel the higher quality. Magna-Tiles are heavier and sturdier than other brands, and the most well-made of all of the other tiles.

Are Magna tiles made in China?

Magna-Tiles® are made in Indonesia, China, and the Philippines, and Magna-Qubix® are made in the Philippines.

What is better Magna Tiles vs Picasso tiles?

Magnatiles have rivets and better-placed reinforcement lines but not stronger magnets. Picasso tiles are about 1% larger and heaver, but the Picasso Tile magnets may be 1% stronger (yep, you read that right).

Which is better Magna tiles or Connetix?

In terms of magnet size, whilst playmags and connetix tiles are comparable, magnatiles are clearly smaller. In terms of magnet strength and quality, Playmags and Connetix are definitely the strongest and most durable of the 3.

Do MagnaTiles and Connetix work together?

Connetix is compatible with Playmags and Magna-Tiles. They have a strong magnet which is the same size and width as the Playmags magnetic tiles. Unlike Playmags and Magna Tiles, they have a bevilled design on their tiles and their tiles are clearer in appearance.

Are Magnatiles safe?

The high-quality ceramic magnets are safely secured inside each tile or 3D shape and are made with food-grade ABS plastic. Magna-Tiles® and Magna-Qubix® products are EN71, ASTM, and CPSIA approved and do not contain any BPA, phthalates, PVC, latex or toxic materials.

Are Magna-Tiles and Picasso tiles the same?

Can you use Picasso and Magna-Tiles together?

Magna Tiles and Picasso Tiles are close enough in size that they are compatible for building together.

How can you tell real Magna-Tiles?

You will know that you have Magna-Tiles because each geometric shape is stamped with our name and logo. You can also find our company/contact information on the box. Please visit our website www.magnatiles.com for more information and contact us with any questions.

Where are Magna-Tiles made?

For more than 20 years, Magna-Tiles have exceeded parents’ expectations for safety, durability, and is a toy that children will want to play with when other toys in their toy box have long since been forgotten. Magna-Tiles and Magna-Qubix are from a family-owned company located outside of Chicago, IL.

What is the difference between Magna-Tiles® and qubix®?

Magna-Qubix ®: With the same eye-catching hues and powerful magnets as Magna-Tiles®, Magna-Qubix® 3D shapes offer even more ways to bring imagination to life. Magna-Tiles® Structures: These double-sided tiles combine building fun and familiar characters with learning letter sounds, numbers, money counting, problem-solving, and more.

What are the benefits of Magna-Tiles?

The versatile Magna-Tiles engage children in creative play and help them learn and practice a variety of skills and concepts such as and not limited to: Magna-Tiles attract on all sides and in all combinations, helping children move from two-dimensional to three-dimensional creations. Try these fun alternatives to floor play:

What are 3D magnetic building tiles?

Magna-Tiles are the original 3D magnetic building tiles by Valtech since 1997. Each tile edge is magnetized so you can connect them to build anything you can imagine. Not only are Magna-Tiles fun, but they also help develop fine motor skills as kids stack, build, count, match and ‘click’ together their creations.