Who sings stand by me at the end of Wentworth?

Canadian singer songwriter Betta Lemme’s ‘Give It’ was played on the popular Aussie prison drama Wentworth this week — Wentworth, Season 9, Episode 5, “The Unknown Terrorist“. The track was heard at the end of last night’s episode of the drama series, in what has been a superb season that is sadly the show’s last.

Who sang creep in Wentworth?

As for Kina Grannis’s ‘Creep’ as featured on Wentworth, you can hear that in her music video below, because it is really is gorgeous. You can also hear the song on Spotify along with many of her other equally lovely releases.

Is there going to be a season 9 Wentworth?

WHEN WILL WENTWORTH SEASON 9 BE ON NETFLIX? The final ten episodes of Wentworth will be available to stream on Netflix beginning Wednesday, October 27.

Is this the final season of Wentworth?

October 26, 2021Wentworth / Final episode date

What was Rita chanting in Wentworth?

Tonight’s song in Wentworth was called “Bura Fera”. “Bura Fera”, also known as “Ngarra Burra Ferra”, is a traditional Yorta Yorta song, the language spoken by the Indigenous peoples of the Goulburn Valley and Murray Valleys in North East Victoria, Australia.

What happened to the characters at the end of Stand By Me?

Although only Chris is mentioned to have died in the film, Teddy and Vern’s deaths are also given in the novella. Vern dies in a fire during a house party and Teddy dies in a drunk driving accident. Vern and Teddy are spared in the film: Vern marries out of high school, has four kids, and works as a forklift operator.

Who sang Creep by Radiohead on The Voice?

Payge Turner performs Radiohead’s “Creep” against Ryan Berg singing Drake White’s “Makin’ Me Look Good Again” during The Knockouts on The Voice.

Who stabbed BEA in Wentworth?

Joan Ferguson
Bea Smith (Wentworth)

Bea Smith
Created by Reg Watson
Portrayed by Danielle Cormack
Duration 2013–2016
Status Deceased; murdered by Joan Ferguson

Why did Bea Smith leave Wentworth?

There was nowhere else for the character to go. Wentworth actor Robbie Magasiva says Bea’s death ‘opened up the door to other characters’. “Bea fans won’t agree with that, but to ensure the standard remained where it is now, Bea needed to go.”

Will Franky be in Season 9 of Wentworth?

The majority of the cast members will be featured in Wentworth season 9 episode 6. Nicole da Silva plays Franky Doyle, Kris McQuade plays Jacs Holt, Libby Tanner plays Bridget Westfall, Leeanna Walsman plays Erica Davidson, Celia Ireland plays Elizabeth Birdsworth, and Shareen Clanton plays Doreen Anderson.

What happened to Vera’s baby?

Vera learns from Ann that her daughter died in a blast caused by terrorists and Judy reminds her of everything she lost. In episode six Vera is present when Cynthia is taken to medical and tells Linda that she will deal with Marie instead of Will.

Why did Wentworth get rid of Maxine?

During Season 4 of the show, Maxine was diagnosed with breast cancer and was scheduled to get surgery to have her breasts removed.