Who owns Padron?

In 1970, Padrón moved the company to Estelí, Nicaragua. Padrón Cigars is managed and curated by three generations of the Padrόn family, under the leadership of José O. Padrón, Jorge Padrón….Piloto Cigars Inc.

Type Private
Subsidiaries cigar factory in Estelí, Nicaragua
Website www.padron.com

Where is the Padron cigar factory?

Padrón Cigars – Hand Crafted Since 1964. Our factory is located in sunny Miami Florida and fields in beautiful Nicaragua.

How many cigars does Padron make a year?

half million cigars
Despite all this, Jose Padrón today produces more than three and a half million cigars a year, some of which are ranked among the very best in the world.

How are Padron cigars made?

Each cigar is made by a team of two. One worker takes the leaves and bunches them into the blend—the secret recipe—that makes up the core of the cigar. Then he inserts the bunches into molds of 10, shown here, which are then stacked and pressed.

Are Oliva cigars good?

Oliva cigars are handcrafted in the company’s contemporary cigar factory in Estelí, Nicaragua. The brand is home to a number of top-rated, top-selling cigars as well as the Nub and Cain portfolios.

Are cigars like wine?

Cigars are similar to wine when we consider the aging process. Vintage wines peak after a certain period of years, after which the flavor can turn. Cigars display similar tendencies – but it entirely depends on the blend.

Does aging cigars reduce nicotine?

Aging your cigars will not likely influence nicotine levels in the tobacco, but the slow evaporation of oleoresins and the reduction of ammonia will both cause a cigar to seem more complex, balanced and nuanced as it ages. A lower humidity level will allow the flavors and aromas of the cigar to concentrate more.