Who is the owner of it works?

Mark Pentecost
– Mark Pentecost, Founder and CEO, It Works!

Who is Mike Pentecost?

Mark Pentecost was a Michigan high school math teacher and basketball coach before becoming an entrepreneur. Today, his billion-dollar global company, It Works!, sells health and wellness products through direct sales.

Is Itworks company still in business?

It Works! continues to expand globally; in 2021 It Works! has over 100,000 team members in over 23 countries. To this day, the company is still family-owned and places a high value on integrity and innovation.

How much is works worth?

It Works! is a multi-level-marketing company that claims a staggering $538 million in revenue last year and $1.2 billion in three years, with more than a million recurring customers.

How much do ItWorks employees make?

It Works! Global Salaries

Job Title Salary
IT Works salaries – 2 salaries reported $23/hr
Distributor salaries – 2 salaries reported $2,044/mo
Independent Distributor salaries – 2 salaries reported $2,268/mo
Compliance Manager salaries – 2 salaries reported $61,032/yr

Is Itworks a MLM?

Company Overview. It Works Global is an MLM company based in Palmetto, Florida, offering skin care and nutritional products which are geared towards making your body look and feel better. They have more posts on Facebook and Instagram than any other MLM company in recent memory.

What is Itworks?

Found in 2001, the “It Works” phenomenon is a product line that includes a body wrap and supplements. On a distributor site it states explicitly that it “helps diminish cellulite and stretch marks” if used properly.

How do you quit it works as a distributor?

You can cancel your It Works subscription by calling their customer support line. This is how you do it: Dial 1-800-537-2395. Request that your account is canceled and that you aren’t sent any more products.

How do you get paid from ItWorks?

Monthly commissions are paid by the end of the day on the 15th of the month. If the 15th falls on a US Federal holiday or weekend, commissions will be paid on the previous business day. Weekly Fast Start bonuses are paid by the end of the day on Friday for bonuses earned the previous week.