Who is the man in the MoneySuperMarket advert?

MoneySuperMarket Advert – Money Calm Bull – Voiced by Actor Matt Berry – TV Advert Music.

Is the bull in MoneySuperMarket ad real?

I wanted to ensure that we started every shoot day and every scene with a view that we could get the bull into the scene we were shooting and shoot him in there live interacting as you would see in the finished film, We had a backup plan with the VFX legends at Untold Studios in case of emergency, but ultimately though …

What is the MoneySuperMarket advert about?

The advert, created by Engine, will be the fourth of the ‘Get Money Calm’ series, which pledges to customers that MoneySuperMarket will help people experience more financial peace of mind. The spot culminates in the Money Calm Bull serenely riding an asteroid heading for Earth.

What is the music on MoneySuperMarket advert?

The music in the advert The soft piano music in the 2020 Moneysupermarket advert is the famous Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major by Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart written in 1785.

What breed is the Moneysupermarket bull?

Wagyu stud
A little-known fact is that the bull is actually a Wagyu stud. A full time, big swinging, breeding bull. He normally does “his thing” five times a day and as a result was a pretty chilled dude. So from what I can understand, someone had to keep him in that relaxed “condition” throughout the duration of the shoot.

Why is there a bull in the Moneysupermarket advert?

Campaign was created by Engine. Moneysupermarket.com has created a new bull mascot to illustrate how the brand can help people stay calm when faced with the impending doom of bills.

Who is the MoneySuperMarket bull?

actor Matt Berry
With a voiceover by actor Matt Berry, the ad follows one unfortunate bovine (otherwise known as the “Money calm bull”) as it saunters through the proverbial china shop.

What breed is the MoneySuperMarket bull?

Why is there a bull in the MoneySuperMarket advert?

Why is there a bull in MoneySuperMarket?

Who is the money calm bull?

Money Calm Bull makes its swansong in spot directed by ENGINE Creative and director Diarmid Harrison-Murray. MoneySuperMarket’s iconic Money Calm Bull makes its swansong in the last campaign for the brand by ENGINE Creative.