Who is the black guy in EastEnders?

Rudolph Malcolm Walker CBE (born 28 September 1939) is a Trinidadian actor, known for his roles as Patrick Trueman in the BBC soap opera EastEnders, and Bill Reynolds in the ITV 1970s sitcom Love Thy Neighbour.

Who was the black girl in EastEnders?

Tameka Empson (born 16 April 1977) is an English actress and comedian. She appeared as one of the three protagonists in the hidden-camera comedy sketch show 3 Non-Blondes. In 2009, she began portraying the role of Kim Fox in the BBC soap opera EastEnders.

Who was the first black man in EastEnders?

Patrick Trueman is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Rudolph Walker. He made his first appearance on 13 September 2001.

Who left EastEnders 1997?

Neelam and her husband built themselves a profitable clothing business but left it in the hands of their son, Sanjay (Deepak Verma), in the late 1980s and emigrated to their native India….

Neelam Kapoor
EastEnders character
Last appearance Episode 1646 28 July 1998
Classification Former; regular

How old is Jack Smethurst?

89 years (April 9, 1932)
Jack Smethurst/Age

Who was Ava Hartman in EastEnders?

Ava – played by Clare Perkins – is the eldest daughter of Cora Cross, and was last seen by fans of the soap back in 2012 alongside sister Tanya Branning. Mother-of-one Ava was on a mission to figure out who her birth family was after she was given up for adoption when she was born.

How old is Tameka Empson?

44 years (April 16, 1977)
Tameka Empson/Age

Who was Ava Hartman in Eastenders?

Is Patrick Denise’s father?

Patrick Neville Loftus Alfonso Trueman is a Trinidadian-born immigrant and a long-standing resident of Albert Square. He is the husband of Sheree Trueman and the father of Paul, Anthony and Isaac. He is also the father figure of sisters Denise and Kim Fox.

Who left EastEnders in 1993?

Pete mulls over what to do but eventually decides to brave the Chapmans and remain with Rose. Alfie’s sister Annie warns Rose to finish with Pete, or face severe repercussions from his two brothers….

Rose Chapman
EastEnders character
Last appearance Episode 864 13 May 1993
Classification Former; regular

Who left EastEnders in 2009?

Two months later, Danielle finally reveals her true identity to Ronnie, but is accidentally knocked down by Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) and dies….

Andy Jones
EastEnders character
Last appearance Episode 5326 2 August 2016
Introduced by Diederick Santer (2009) Dominic Treadwell-Collins (2016)

How old is Rudolph Walker?

82 years (September 28, 1939)
Rudolph Walker/Age

Who are the past characters in EastEnders?

Main article: List of past EastEnders characters. Family trees. Only families who have at least one character currently appearing in the show and with more than five members in total are included. Beale; Branning; Carter; Fowler; Fox; Fox-Hubbard ; Mitchell; Moon; Slater; Taylor

Who is James Farrar in EastEnders?

“We are delighted to announce that @JamesFarrar_ has joined the cast of EastEnders, taking on the new role of the charismatic Zack Hudson. James will be making his Walford debut in March, and we can’t wait!

Who are the current characters in the cast of The Walking Dead?

Current characters Character Actor Dana Monroe Barbara Smith Violet Highway Gwen Taylor Terry Cant Brian Conley Harvey Monroe Ross Boatman

Who are the actors that have been on The X Factor?

Clive Arnold (174 episodes, 2000-2019) Jamie Annett (148 episodes, 1998-2021) Lance Kneeshaw (133 episodes, 2010-2021) Philip Casson (131 episodes, 1990-2008) Richard Platt (126 episodes, 2000-2021)