Who is on the Lakers team right now?


Trevor Ariza #1 SF 215 lbs
Anthony Davis #3 PF 253 lbs
LeBron James #6 SF 250 lbs
Jemerrio Jones #50 SF 174 lbs

Who is starting for the Lakers?

Los Angeles Lakers Depth Chart

Starter 2nd 3rd
Avery Bradley Malik Monk Austin Reaves O
Talen Horton-Tucker Wayne Ellington Austin Reaves O
LeBron James Carmelo Anthony Trevor Ariza O
Dwight Howard DeAndre Jordan Jay Huff

Where is Andre Drummond now?

Philadelphia 76ers#1 / Center
Andre Drummond/Current teams

The former All-Star big man heads to the Philadelphia 76ers to play alongside Joel Embiid. Andre Drummond averaged a double-double in the 2020-21 season with the Lakers. One of the best big men on the free-agent market is headed back East. The Philadelphia 76ers announced Wednesday they have signed Andre Drummond.

Who is the Lakers center?

Anthony Davis
Dwight HowardDeAndre JordanJay Huff
Los Angeles Lakers/Centers

How did Sixers get Drummond?

The Cavs acquired Drummond at the trade deadline in 2020 for Brandon Knight, John Henson and a second-round pick. Drummond then entered the 2020-21 season in the final year of his deal and, despite putting up solid stats, was a player on the trade market last season. Unable to verify your NBA partner.

What is the veteran’s minimum in NBA?

What is the NBA Veteran Minimum Salary? The NBA veteran minimum salary changes year after year but generally it is in the range of $2-2.5 million – depending on the number of years played Some veterans get more than $2 million, but their status in the teams is different too.

Did Michael Jordan retire?

March 199519982003
Michael Jordan/Career end
The American retired from the game a third time in 2003. This was after a couple of seasons with the Wizards and Jordan played his final NBA game on 16 April 2003 in Philadelphia.

Who is Andre Drummond playing for this year?

Los Angeles Lakers (2021) On March 28, 2021, Drummond signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, adding an offensive boost to a team without injured stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis. With the Lakers, he played 21 games—all starts—and averaged 11.9 points, 10.2 rebounds and 1.4 assists in 24 minutes per game.