Who dies the Go Compare advert?

singer Wynne Evans
The Voice, which will be shown in 60” and 30” TV slots, draws on the substantial talents of the man behind the moustache, classically trained opera singer Wynne Evans, and features him performing a rendition of Puccini’s famous tenor aria, Nessun Dorma.

How much weight has Wynne Evans lost?

He’s lost about 20 kilos and changed his size. He’s the one who’s inspired me and made me change my fitness and my diet.

Is Wynne Evans still married?

Wynne is married to Tanwen Evans, a talented violinist. They tied the knot in 1999 and have two teenage children. Their daughter’s name is Ismay and they also have a son, Taliesin.

How old is Wynne Evans?

49 years (January 27, 1972)
Wynne Evans/Age

Who are the actors in the Go Compare advert?

Wynne Evans

Wynne Evans MStJ
Born 27 January 1972 Carmarthen, Wales
Occupation Singer actor
Known for Go Compare adverts
Children 2 (Taliesin Evans & Ismay Evans)

Is the man on Go Compare really an opera singer?

OPERA singer Wynne Evans is renowned for his annoyingly catchy Go Compare alter-ego – Gio Compario. The professional performer, from Carmarthen, Wales, puts his wonderful windpipes to use in commercials for the price comparison website.

Does Wynne Evans have a son?

How much does Wynne Evans make?

The role has also undoubtedly changed Wynne’s life, as it’s reported that he was paid £450,000 deal for a two year contract with Go Compare. Wynne previously said the money he got from Go Compare was “life changing”, saying the steady pay packet allowed him to finally clear his debts.

Is Wynne Evans a real opera singer?

Opera singer Born in Carmarthen, Wales, Evans studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and the National Opera Studio. For Scottish Opera his roles include Tamino in Die Zauberflöte and the Italian Tenor in Der Rosenkavalier.

Who is Wynne Evans married to?

Tanwen Evansm. 1999
Wynne Evans/Spouse

Where is Wynne Evans from?

Carmarthen, United Kingdom
Wynne Evans/Place of birth

How much did Go Compare sell for?

Go Compare sold to Future Publishing for £600 million as tycoon Peter Wood cashes in | Evening Standard.