Who are the shadow ministers of NSW?

Shadow cabinet

Officeholder Office(s)
Sophie Cotsis MP Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations Shadow Minister for Work Health and Safety
Michael Daley MP Shadow Attorney-General
Mick Veitch MLC Shadow Minister for Agriculture Shadow Minister for Regional New South Wales Shadow Minister for Western New South Wales

Who is the shadow attorney general of NSW?

Mr Paul Gerard LYNCH, MP.

Who is the Member for Hurstville?

Located Sydney, southeastern. Principal suburbs: Allawah, Beverly Hills, Bexley, Bexley North, Blakehurst, Carlton, Carss Park, Hurstville, Kingsgrove, Kogarah, Penshurst, South Hurstville. Area: 18.13 sq km….Mr (Chris) Christopher John MINNS, MP.

A Mr Chris Minns, MP Suite 1 Ground Floor 22-24 Regent Street KOGARAH NSW 2217
E [email protected]

Who is the shadow minister for education in NSW?

Ms (Prue) Prudence Ann CAR, MP

Position Start
Member of the NSW Legislative Assembly 28 Mar 2015
Member for Londonderry 28 Mar 2015
Deputy Leader of the Opposition 08 Jun 2021
Shadow Minister for Education 03 Jul 2019

What’s the difference between a minister and a shadow minister?

Shadow ministers are members of the opposition, chosen by the Leader of the Opposition. Shadow ministers have the important responsibility of scrutinising – closely examining – the work of the government and individual ministers. If there is a change of government a shadow minister may become a minister.

Who is the shadow minister for employment?

Shadow Cabinet

Officeholder Office(s)
Hon Brendan O’Connor MP Shadow Minister for Employment and Industry Shadow Minister for Science Shadow Minister for Small and Family Business
Hon Jason Clare MP Shadow Minister for Regional Services, Territories and Local Government Shadow Minister for Housing and Homelessness

Who is the shadow attorney general of Australia 2021?

Shadow cabinet

Role Minister
Shadow Attorney-General Shadow Minister for Constitutional Reform Mark Dreyfus MP
Shadow Minister for Communications Michelle Rowland MP
Shadow Minister for Finance Shadow Minister for the Public Service Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate Senator Katy Gallagher

Is Bill Shorten a shadow minister?

The Shadow Ministry of Bill Shorten was the opposition Australian Labor Party shadow ministry from October 2013 to May 2019, opposing the Abbott Government, Turnbull Government and Morrison Government.

Who is the current member for Barton?

Hon Linda Burney MP – Parliament of Australia.

Who is the current leader of the opposition in NSW?

The current leader of the opposition is Chris Minns, who was elected on 4 June 2021.

What is a shadow minister in Australia?

Shadow ministers are members of the opposition, chosen by the Leader of the Opposition. Each shadow minister concentrates on the work of a particular minister and government department.

Who is the shadow environment minister?

Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Incumbent Jim McMahon since 29 November 2021
Appointer Leader of the Opposition
Website The Shadow Cabinet