Which database is best for face recognition?

Tufts Face Database: Commonly touted as the most comprehensive face dataset due to its 10,000+ images of males and females ranging between 4 and 70 years old across 15 countries, the Tufts Face Database contains a wide breadth of image modalities including visible, near-infrared, thermal, computerized sketch, LYTRO.

Does Fawkes work?

Fawkes has been tested extensively and proven effective in a variety of environments and is 100% effective against state-of-the-art facial recognition models (Microsoft Azure Face API, Amazon Rekognition, and Face++). We are in the process of adding more material here to explain how and why Fawkes works.

How do I search the Internet with face recognition?

1. Google Images Search: Reverse Face Search

  1. Click the camera icon to search by image.
  2. When you go to Google Images Search, enter your query, hit Enter, and then add “&imgtype=face” (without the quotes), either to the end of the search URL or right before another string starting with &.

What is face identification and how does it work?

Face identification is the task of matching a given face image to one in an existing database of faces. It is the second part of face recognition (the first part being detection).

What is the Texas 3D face recognition database?

The Texas 3D Face Recognition database is a collection of 1149 pairs of facial color and range images of 105 adults. These images were acquired using a stereo imaging system at a very high spatial resolution of 0.32 mm along the x, y, and z dimensions. Information is provided giving the subjects’ gender, ethnicity,…

What does the bioID face database look like?

BioID Face DB – HumanScan AG, Switzerland (no longer available) The BioID Face Database dataset consists of 1521 gray level images with a resolution of 384×286 pixel. Each one shows the frontal view of a face of one out of 23 different test persons. For comparison purposes, the set also contains manually set eye positions.

How to create and search your own face database?

Create and search your own face database by first assigning a person name for each face in database in format Name@yourdatabasename and then searching against all@yourdatabasename. We recommend to enroll at least 3 faces per person in database. Detect image content (Adult / NSFW classifier). Classify faces (age, gender, ethnicity, smile, etc).