Where is the water stone in Solaceon ruins?


Item Location
Repel On the rock in the dead-end down the first top left stairwell (hidden)
Water Stone On the rock in the dead-end down the top right, bottom left, and then bottom left stairwells (hidden)
Escape Rope On the rock in the dead-end down the top right, bottom left, and then bottom left stairwells (hidden)

Where is the water Stone on Route 213?

You can find a Water Stone in both Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl by going to Route 213, located east of Pastoria City. To get to the stone you first need to get HM Surf. Once you do that, head to Route 213 and go southeast until you reach a small shore.

What is written in Solaceon ruins?

At the very bottom of the Ruins, you’ll find four items: a rare candy, an odd incense, a mind plate, and a nugget. There will also be another inscription that says, “Friendship: all lives touch other lives to create something anew and alive.”

How do you get to Solaceon town in Pokemon Platinum?

After you deposit your first two Pokemon, exit and re-enter the Day Care Center and the man there will give you the Day Care Checker app for the Poketch. Head east as far as you can from the Day Care Center and down a few ledges. You’ll see the entrance to the Solaceon Ruins, home of the Unown.

Where is the Solaceon ruins in Pokemon Platinum?

Solaceon Town
You can find the Solaceon Ruins in the eastern part of Solaceon Town. Go right behind the Pokemon Center, and as far across to the east as you can. Jump down from the ledges and you’ll see the Solaceon Ruins.

How do you get to Solaceon Town in Pokemon Platinum?

Is there a point to catching Unown?

Nothing happens. In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, you’ll get seals for each Unown from the boy in Solaceon Town and the Ruin Maniac will be done digging.

What Legendary Pokemon are in Pokemon platinum?

While Dialga and Palkia shared the limelight in Pokémon Diamond Version and Pokémon Pearl Version, the Legendary Pokémon Giratina is at the center of the story in Pokémon Platinum Version. As you track down the elusive Giratina, watch out for Team Galactic—they’re back, and with Cyrus leading, they’re as dangerous as ever.

What Legendary Pokemon can you catch in Pokemon platinum?

Giratina Giratina is one of the most sought after Pokemon in the Platinum version and it can only be found within the distortion world of Pokemon. It can be found at the end of the distortion world. Battling Giratina is a part of the main storyline of Platinum so you will have to either defeat or catch it in order for the story to progress.

Where is ruins Maniac Pokemon platinum?

Where is maniac tunnel in Pokemon Platinum? The Maniac Tunnel is a location located in Sinnoh on Route 214 . Before the player gains enough Unowns to complete the cave, it is known as the Ruin Maniac Cave. You might be interested: Cave dwelling salamander that is blind