Where is Gobi in Click Clock Wood?

In Summer, Gobi will appear next to the plant. Beak Bust him to excrete water into the plant. He will promptly fall asleep and will become unresponsive for the rest of the season.

Where are all the acorns in Click Clock Wood?

Acorns are items only found in Click Clock Wood in Autumn….Locations:

  • Inside Nabnut’s house on the highest shelf.
  • At the bottom of Nabnut’s Pool.
  • Two are located nearby Nabnut in the circle with Red Feathers on it.
  • At the edge of a walkway sticking out of the platform with a Grublin Hood on it, somewhat near Nabnut.

How do you get the jiggy outside Click Clock Wood?

During the Winter, use a Flight Pad and fly over to where Jiggy #3 was found. Take out the snowman and land to find a Witch Switch. Hitting the switch will cause a Jiggy to appear in a small hole just outside of Click Clock Wood. Return to the Spring a transform into a bee.

Where are the honeycombs in Rusty Bucket Bay?

Extra Honeycombs In the boathouse which can be accessed by a hole in the wall in Snacker’s fenced pool. Activate the Extra Honeycomb switch inside and use the Flight Pad to reach it. In a small hexagonal window at the bottom of the tunnel which leads to the engine room.

Where is gruntilda’s jigsaw puzzle?

Before Mumbo’s Mountain To open Mumbo’s Mountain, grab the Jiggy from the first floor of Gruntilda’s Lair. When you first enter the lair, go to the left and climb up the platforms to find your first Jiggy at the top. Enter the cave on the right and walk up the hill to find a picture puzzle with a piece missing.

How do you beat Grunty?

The Jinjonator After getting hit by the fourth Jingo, Grunty will hop onto a stone wall and blast fireballs at an incredible rate. At this time, a giant Jingo statue known as the Jinjonator will rise from the center of the tower. To activate it, you’ll need to shoot three eggs into each of the four holes of the statue.

How do you hit the witch switch in Rusty Bucket Bay?

Rusty Bucket Bay: The switch is on top of the poop deck at the stern end of the ship, only reachable via jumping from the nearby crane holding the TNT crate. The Jiggy appears, out in the open, in the first waterlogged room. It requires water level 2 to reach.

How do you get the flying pad in Click Clock Wood?

Go to the right and jump up the leaves. Once inside the trunk of the giant tree, head to the right until you find a switch. Hit it to reveal a puzzle pad in front of the Click Clock Wood picture puzzle.

How do I get to Freezeezy peak?

Defeat the snowman with the top hat that is closest to the entrance warp to reveal the Witch Switch underneath. After hitting the switch, a panel above the entrance to Freezeezy Peak will open up.