Where is classic hits 4FM?

Ireland’s Classic Hits Radio is an Irish independent multi-region radio station based in Dublin, and broadcasting to that city as well as Cork, Limerick, Galway, County Clare, County Wicklow, County Kildare, County Meath….Ireland’s Classic Hits Radio.

Former names 4FM, Classic Hits 4FM
Webcast Listen Live
Website classichits.ie

What is the text number for classic hits 4fm?

To qualify you must text or Whatsapp REPEAT with your name and location to 087 188 0008. The time stamp of the received text message will determine the receipt of the notification.

Who owns Radio Nova?

Bay Broadcasting
Shareholding. The current parent company of Radio Nova is Bay Broadcasting. Bay Broadcasting shareholders include Kevin Branigan and Mike Ormonde. Bay Broadcasting also owns Ireland’s Classic Hits Radio.

What is the number for classic radio?

You can select ‘Classic FM’ on DAB digital radio, or listen via 100-102 FM.

What station is Radio Nova?

NOVA broadcasts on 100.3 FM from Three Rock Mountain Dublin, 100.5 from Saggart Hill, County Dublin, to serve County Kildare and 95.7 FM from Bray Head in North Wicklow, to cover County Wicklow….Radio Nova 100FM (Ireland)

City Dublin
Broadcast area Dublin and surrounding areas
Frequency 100.3 MHz
Branding Radio NOVA 100FM

Who is Pat Courtenay?

Born in Auckland, New Zealand thanks to an Irish/Scots/Kiwi Mum and a Wicklow Dad. First on the radio aged six in a Radio Reading competition. Defied excellent attempts at education by Dominican nuns and Rosminian Priests and Brothers.

What station is Classic FM?

What station is classical music?

Classical Radio Stations:

1. WETA 90.9 FM
2. KUSC 91.5 FM
3. WRTI 90.1 FM

When did Classic Hits 4FM start?

Classic Hits started its regionally available broadcast as commercial radio in 2009. The Dublin based radio’s name in the beginning was “4FM”, then expanded to “Classic Hits 4FM”, and in 2018 arrived to its present form. Classic Hits is in the ownership of Choice Broadcasting Ltd.

Where can I listen to classic hits in Ireland?

Listen to the online radio of Ireland’s Classic Hits live, which started its regionally available broadcast as a commercial radio in 2009. The Dublin based radio’s name in the beginning was “4FM”, then expanded to “Classic Hits 4FM”, in 2018 it became “Classic Hits”, and in 2021 arrived to its present form.

What is Classic Hits Radio?

Ireland’s Classic Hits radio’s purpose is to provide airy entertainment to the adult age-group by building its music line-up from the best popular music of the last five decades.

What time does classic hits start & end?

Classic Hits Through The Night Midnight – 6:00am Something for the Weekend 6:00am – 10:00am Classic Hits with Enda Murphy 10:00am – 2:00pm Barry Lang in the Afternoon 2:00pm – 6:00pm SearchSearch Classic Hits Apps