Where is Apeldoorn in the Netherlands?

Apeldoorn is a city surrounded by natural beauty in the province of Gelderland. It has a population of around 150,000 but still retains a small town charm. Apeldoorn is a city surrounded by natural beauty in the province of Gelderland.

Is there an amusement park in Apeldoorn?

There is also an amusement park situated in Apeldoorn, called the Koningin Juliana Toren (Queen Juliana Tower). It is situated nearby the Apenheul and lies on the road to Hoog Soeren. It is called the Koningin Juliana Toren because of the tower, which was built in 1910 and was later named after Queen Juliana .

Where to eat in Apeldoorn?

There are many places to eat in Apeldoorn, as well as all of the usual fast food establishments, there are some great local eateries and restaurants. The restaurant Moon Sky is a great little Indian restaurant on Hoofdstraat. As well as good food it has a charming atmosphere and attentive staff.

Where can I rent a bike in Apeldoorn?

There are bike rentals available at the Apeldoorn train station, and many area attractions can be easily reached by bike, including Veluwe and Apenheul. If visiting Veluwe, the park also provides free bicycles at the entrance for visitors’ enjoyment.

When will the palace of Apeldoorn reopen to the public?

The palace is currently being renovated and will reopen to the public in mid-2021. Apeldoorn is also the perfect place to visit with children, as the Julianatoren children’s amusement parkand Malkenschoten children’s paradise come highly recommended.

What’s new in Aachen’s new shopping centre?

In Aachen’s new shopping centre at the end of Adalbertstraße, in addition to familiar outlets like Mango or Zara you’ll also find lots of new shops and brands to bring a fresh breeze into your wardrobe. Need a little break from shopping?

How do I get from Berlin to Apeldoorn?

For international train travel Apeldoorn is on the direct line from Berlin to Amsterdam. If you are travelling by car from Amsterdam you will first need to navigate your way around the city and then get onto the ring road and leave at the junction of the A1. This will take you straight to Apeldoorn in around and hour.

What makes Apeldoorn a modern town?

Even today with a population of around 160,000 it still retains a small town charm with a town hall, market square, and friendly locals zipping by on bicycles. Picturesque parks and gardens, old churches, and mills provide rustic elements while the Orpheus Theatre and Omnisport Apeldoorn exemplify the modern.

What is Apeldoorn Zoo famous for?

Deer and other wildlife call the 5,400 hectare Veluwe home. However, Apeldoorn is perhaps best known for its proximity to the former royal residence and now state museum, Het Loo Palace. Apenheul is a popular monkey zoo featuring different species of monkeys and apes living in natural settings.