Where do you stay when floating the Guadalupe River?

Featured Hotels Near Guadalupe River Tubing

  • Comal Inn.
  • Courtyard by Marriott New Braunfels River Village.
  • Hampton Inn & Suites New Braunfels.
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott New Braunfels.
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites New Braunfels, an IHG Hotel.
  • Gruene River Hotel & Retreat.

How much is it to rent a cabin in Canyon Lake?

Cabins in Canyon Lake cost from just $69 a night to $179 a night for that something truly special.

Does son’s Island have cabins?

The whole back wall actually opens up giving you a perfect indoor/outdoor living experience! Of course, all cabins are insulated and air-conditioned/heated. They stay very cold in the summer if you desire as well as warm in the winter. Each cabin has 2 queen beds and 2 day beds.

Does Garner State Park have cabins?

Cabins (Without a Fireplace) The rental rate is based on up to four people. A maximum of six people can stay in the cabin, at $10 per night for each additional person. Cabin #18 is equipped for special physical needs in the bathroom, doorways, and the entrance from driveway. No tents or RVs are allowed at the cabins.

Which is better to float Comal or Guadalupe?

The Comal River has fantastic river levels, perfect for tubing, while the Guadalupe River is very low, so low that there are spots where you’ll have to pick up your tubes and walk to find deep enough water to continue your float, also the Guadalupe River has a very rock river bottom and if you don’t have a tube with a …

Are there snakes in the Guadalupe River?

Don’t worry, the snakes found in the Guadalupe River typically avoid humans. Most snakes are only dangerous to humans when they feel cornered or surprised. Water moccasin snakes love to slither across the tops of these trees, if you look up high and closely you may be able to spot one.

Where is Canyon Lake located?

Texas Hill Country
Canyon Lake is a reservoir on the Guadalupe River in the Texas Hill Country in the United States….Canyon Lake (Texas)

Canyon Lake
Location Texas Hill Country, Comal County, Texas, US
Coordinates 29°52′53″N 98°14′24″WCoordinates: 29°52′53″N 98°14′24″W
Type Flood control reservoir

Why is sons island closing?

SEGUIN, Texas – Son’s Island, a local island with a tropical vibe, will soon be out of commission due to the draining of Lake Gonzales, Meadow Lake, Lake Placid and Lake McQueeney. The island cabanas have less than a month before the water is drained.

How deep is the water at son’s Island?

Son’s Island is just under 4 acres and has almost a mile of lakefront. The depth varies depending on where you are at and range from 2′ – 12′ deep. The bottom varies as well, some areas have a rocky bottom, others a muddy bottom.

Where should I stay when going to Garner State Park?

Where to stay at Garner State Park

  • Campgrounds.
  • Screened in shelters.
  • Cabins in the park.
  • 4J Riverway Cabins and RV.
  • Zubers River Camp.
  • River Rim Resort.
  • Andy’s on River Road.
  • Seven Bluff Cabins.

Is the Frio River open?

So the Frio River is not closed and hasn’t been since the start. There are no current mandates or plans to shut down the Frio River for public access.

How much does it cost to float the Guadalupe River?

1 trip is included with all Tube Rentals or when you pay for your own Private Equipment. Additional Shuttle Trips are $5 per trip / per person. with tube rental or paid private equipment fee….Rental Information and Pricing – All Day Tubing!

Tube w/ bottom rental $20 each
Tube w/o bottom rental $20 each