Where can I find taxi stands in Rome?

Taxi stands In Rome’s Historical Center

  1. Largo de Argentina.
  2. Pantheon, on the right side of the Pantheon (if facing it)
  3. Piazza di Tor Sanguigna, just behind Piazza Navona.
  4. Piazza del Popolo.
  5. Piazza di Spagna, just next to the piazza next to the big column with a statue of Virgin Mary.
  6. Piazza di San Silvestro.

How do you call a taxi in Rome?

The Rome city council’s number to call a taxi is +39 060609. You can also call +39 06 3570, or send an SMS to +39 366 673 0000, the SMS text should just have your current address. You will receive a request confirmation SMS and few seconds later another SMS indicating that a taxi is on it’s way.

What is a taxi stand called?

A taxicab stand (also called taxi rank, cab stand, taxi stand, cab rank, or hack stand) is a queue area on a street or on private property where taxicabs line up to wait for passengers.

Can taxis go through center of Rome?

Rome taxi drivers prefer to use taxi stands. You might be able to flag a taxi down, but it is a rarer occurance than in most cities. Romans know they’ll find a taxi stand in all the major piazze. Any trip in the historic center (inside the Roman Walls) should show up as “Tariffa 1” on the meter.

Do taxis run all night in Rome?

Re: Do taxis run 24 hours a day? the airport is open 24/7. before 5.30 am, the only way in is by the last door of terminal C. The taxi driver should know, but remind him just in case.

Do taxi drivers in Rome speak English?

They are prompt, reliable and courteous; the drivers speak English and usually point out sites along the way to your hotel. For an extra 5 euros, you can’t go wrong.

How do you call a taxi in Italy?

There are three ways to do it.

  1. Booking form (the easiest way) To order a service for Italy go to Book Taxi page. There fill all the necessary data.
  2. Contact form. Visit and fill Contact form. You need to insert all necessary data concerning booking.
  3. Phone (could be expencive) Order taxi by Phone: +386 40 805 761.

Where do taxis stand to await passengers?

A taxi rank is a place where taxis wait for passengers, for example at an airport or outside a station.

What is a taxi bay?

Taxi Bay means any area of carriageway specified the Schedule to this Order reserved for use by taxis plying for hire; Sample 1. Taxi Bay .

Where can I pick up a taxi in Rome?

Check out our list of some major taxi stands in Rome where you can easily pick up a legal taxi. Taxi stands Close to the Colosseum. Via dei Fiori Imperiali, right in front of the Colosseum Metro station. Piazza Venezia.

Where is the closest taxi to the Vatican Museums?

If you exit the Vatican Museums through the same door where you entered, you will see a taxi stand there to your left. If you are exiting St. Peter’s Basilica, to find the closest taxi stand, walk out of St. Peter’s Square. Walk around the iron barriers, hugging the colonnade.

How to get a taxi from St Peter’s square to Rome?

Walk along that street, taking the little pedestrian underpass, and once you exit the underpass, you will see the taxi stand on your left. It’s less than a five minute walk from St. Peter’s Square. This is not a common way to get a taxi in Rome.

How to get to Rome airport from Rome airport?

Getting a taxi to the airport from Rome To get to either airport by city taxi, you can catch one at the train station (in which case the 2€ Termini surcharge is no longer applied), or, you can call one or have someone call for you. White metered taxis lined up outside Termini train station in Rome Getting a taxi to Rome from the airport