Where are Winnebago micro Minnie made?

Visit the largest motorhome manufacturing facility in the world, Winnebago, headquartered in Forest City on a campus that we refer to as the most productive 60 acres in North Iowa.

What is the smallest Winnebago travel trailer?

the Hike 100
It’s called the Hike 100, a physically small camper trailer (it’s the smallest Winnebago yet!) with many big trailer amenities. The Hike 100 is towable by midsize trucks and SUVs—heck, it might even within bounds behind a compact truck such as Ford’s Maverick or Hyundai’s Santa Cruz.

How much does a Winnebago Minnie cost?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $113,205 $80,300
Options (Add)
Total Price $113,205 $80,300

How much does a Winnebago micro Minnie weight?


2019 Micro Minnie 1808FBS 2019 Micro Minnie 2108TB
Dry Weight (lbs.) 3560 3950
Furnace (BTU) 18000 18000
Hitch Weight (lbs.) 390 435
Tire Size ST235/75R15 ST235/75R15

What’s the smallest Winnebago?

The company has just introduced its latest, the Solis Pocket, which is both its smallest and most affordable offering, but one that still packs a lot of features. As surfaced by Motor1, the Winnebago Solis Pocket is based on the Ram ProMaster van with a 136-inch wheelbase and is 17 feet 10 inches long.

How big is a Winnebago micro Minnie?

seven feet wide
The compact camper without compromise, Micro Minnie is big on features and ready for wayfaring. At seven feet wide and with multiple open floorplans to choose from, experience the camper life the way you want.

Is Winnebago A good travel trailer?

Winnebago consistently ranks as one of the best travel trailer manufacturers on the market and though they are far from complaint-free, most customers find that concerns are fairly superficial and do not extend to the overall structure and construction of the product.

How tall is a Winnebago micro Minnie?

New 2021 WINNEBAGO MICRO MINNIE 2106DS Weights & Measurements

Exterior Length 21’11” 7,000
Exterior Height 10’5″ 3
Exterior Width 7’0″ 2 @ 3,700
Interior Height 6’4″ 3,980
Furnace BTU 18,000 31

What is the shortest Minnie Winnie?

The 22M and 22R Minnie Winnie and Spirit floorplans, are the shortest of the Minnie Winnie and Spirit floorplans measuring just 24’5” (22M) and 23’10” (22R.)

How wide is Winnebago micro Minnie?

New 2021 WINNEBAGO MICRO MINNIE 2108TB Weights & Measurements

Exterior Length 22’5″ 7,000
Exterior Width 7’0″ 2 @ 3,700
Interior Height 6’4″ 4,040
Furnace BTU 18,000 31
Hitch Weight 435 6

Can the Winnebago micro Minnie RV be towed?

Winnebago has a long list of RV trailers and coaches, one of which is the Micro Minnie, which comes as a travel trailer that can be towed with a vehicle and move to places. There are lots of features included in these motorhomes, and they are meant to be luxurious and comfy for the buyer, which also provides some sleeping space.

Does the Winnebago micro Minnie have a microwave?

Sitting on the sofa in the Winnebago Micro Minnie, you’ll be looking at the galley on the camp side of the rig. For 2021, Winnebago put in a three-burner flush-mount cooktop and eliminated the oven altogether. Instead you get a 1.1-cubic-foot convection microwave to do your baking.

What is a micro Minnie camper trailer?

This lightweight travel trailer has all the comforts of home in a compact pull-behind camper that is super easy to tow. The Micro Minnie is available in 8 different floor plans. Floor plans can include either a full-size bed, queen bed, murphy bed or bunk beds.

Is the 2021 Winnebago micro Minnie 2108tb worth buying?

I had a chance to look at a very hot model, the 2021 Winnebago Micro Minnie 2108TB. For 2021, some of the changes made by Winnebago are significant. I will state that Winnebago does a good job of creating beautiful interiors for their Class B vans. A lot of the design thinking came over to the towables line.