What was the NFL logo for the 2015 season?

For the 2015 season, a gold-plated NFL logo was used across all league properties in anticipation of the 50th Super Bowl game. The 2015 NFL season was the 96th season in the history of the National Football League (NFL), and the 50th of the Super Bowl era.

What were the highlights of the 2015 NFL schedule?

Highlights of the 2015 schedule include: NFL Kickoff Game: The 2015 season began on Thursday, September 10, 2015, with the Super Bowl XLIX champion New England Patriots hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Patriots defeated the Steelers, 28-21.

What are the extra point rules for the 2015 NFL season?

The following changes to the extra point rules were passed for the 2015 NFL season at the owner’s meeting on May 19, 2015: The line of scrimmage for extra point tries will move to the 15-yard line from the two-yard line. Two-point conversions will still be spotted at the two-yard line.


What happened at the 2015 NFL Draft?

The 2015 NFL Draft was the first to feature an outdoor component, where fans would be able to see the Commissioner on the Auditorium Theatre stage from across the street in Grant Park; this area was called Draft Town. In the draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston the first overall selection.

When did the 2015 NFL training camp start?

Training camps for the 2015 season began July 22 and continued through the end of preseason, September 3. The normal training camp window ran from late July to late August or early September. Most of the camps had rookies report first, then veterans.

What draft picks did the Dolphins trade in 2015?

May 1, 2015: Dolphins traded 2015 2nd round pick (47th overall, Eric Rowe) and 2015 6th round pick (191st overall, JaCorey Shepherd) to Eagles for 2015 2nd round pick (52nd overall, Jordan Phillips ), 2015 5th round pick (145th overall, Bobby McCain) and 2015 5th round pick (156th overall, Tony Lippett)