What train line is Essex Road on?

Northern City Line
Based in Canonbury, London, Essex Road train station was first built in 1904 and is on the Northern City Line.

Does Essex have a train station?

This is a list of railway stations in Essex, a county in the East of England. It includes all railway stations that are part of the National Rail network, and which currently have timetabled train services….Stations.

Station East Tilbury
Year opened 1936
Local authority Thurrock
Served by c2c
Station users 2004–05 299,000

What is the main train station in Essex?

Colchester’s railway station is centrally located and close to some of the town’s main attractions. Trains to Essex stop near the Norman Keep of Colchester Castle, which also has a museum, and Colchester Park, the site of many landscaped gardens and local festivals.

Is Essex Road Station step free?

This is a Category C station: This station does not have step-free access.

Is Maldon getting a train station?

No train has passed in or out of Maldon for more than 54 years. But, after a fresh bid was launched by MP John Whittingdale and Maldon District Council, the return of the railway to Maldon is now one step closer.

How many train stations are there in Essex?

41 stations
When it comes to trains, Essex is incredibly well connected. We have 41 stations on the Greater Anglia network and even more when you consider the c2c line along the south of the county, with every station offering direct journeys into London.

Can I use Oyster to Chelmsford?

If you are travelling from within the Oyster area to a station outside it (e.g. Chelmsford or Harlow Town), you cannot use your Oyster or contactless payment card to make a pay as you go journey. There are no Oyster readers at stations outside the Oyster area, so there is nowhere for you to touch out.

Is Essex Road a London terminal?

The Northern City Line was closed on 4 October 1975 (due to its weekend closure, Essex Road closed the day before) and ceased to be part of the London Underground. It is the only underground station not operated by London Underground or Transport for London.

When did Maldon station close?

The Engineer’s Line Reference for the line is WFM, the station was 7 miles 16 chains (11.59 km) from Wickford Junction. The station was permanently closed to passenger services in September 1939 but the line remained in use for goods traffic until 1959….Maldon West railway station.

Maldon West
10 September 1939 Permanently closed

Why did Maldon station close?

The Maldon East to Witham line continued with diesel replacing steam for both passenger and goods services but the “Beeching axe” was falling on unprofitable lines and despite the public objection, it finally closed to passenger traffic in 1964.

Is Chelmsford station contactless?