What size should App store images be?

Images must be in JPEG or 24-bit PNG. A minimum of 2 screenshots is required. Minimum dimension: 320px Maximum dimension: 3840px.

What size is screenshot?

Specs: Minimum dimension: 320 pixels. Maximum dimension: 3840 pixels. The maximum dimension of your screenshot cannot be more than twice as long as the minimum dimension. You may use 24 bit PNG or JPEG image (no alpha).

How do you make an iPhone screenshot from the App Store?

You can either manually press home and power button at the same time, or my preferred method, connect your device to your computer. In Xcode open device manager by clicking CMD + SHIFTt + 2 . Select your device, and in the detailed view you’ll see the screenshot button. .

What are App Store screenshots?

App Store Screenshots are the first thing users see when they search for your app. Many of the Apps are not limited to screenshots only, and use video to stand out their app from the competitors.

How many pixels is a screenshot?

Whatever length you need to capture will be fine as long as your width is 1,000 pixels. If you’re taking a portrait-oriented screenshot, you should be good if you can make your wide edge more like 500 pixels.

What size are Google Play screenshots?

Google play app screenshot size should not be less than 320 pixels or more than 3840 pixels.

How do you make a screenshot app?

Best Practices

  1. Explain the most important use story of the app in the first two screenshots.
  2. Increase font size and cut down on the text.
  3. Highlight UI elements that represent text captions.
  4. By combining screenshots, you can maximize the value that you and your app store page viewers get from them.

How do I make a screenshot of an app?

Take a screenshot

  1. Open the screen that you want to capture.
  2. Depending on your phone: Press the Power and Volume down buttons at the same time.
  3. At the bottom left, you’ll find a preview of your screenshot. On some phones, at the top of the screen, you’ll find Screenshot capture .

How do I take a screenshot of an app?

On many Android devices, you can capture a screenshot with a key-combination: Simultaneously press-and-hold Power and Volume-down. You can also capture a screenshot with Android Studio as follows: Run your app on a connected device or emulator.

What is the size of a screenshot on the iPhone?

iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8. 750 x 1334 pixels. 1334 x 750 pixels. Required if app runs on iPhone and 5.5-inch screenshots are not provided. 4 inch. iPhone SE. 640 x 1096 pixels (without status bar) 640 x 1136 pixels (with status bar) 1136 x 600 pixels (without status bar)

What are the requirements for iOS App screenshots?

In addition to being nicely designed, your iOS app screenshots have to follow Apple’s guidelines and size requirements. The guidelines are pretty straight forward. You have to use images and videos that are taken directly within your app.

What is the iPhone XS Max screenshot size?

The iPhone XS Max 6.5-inch screenshot size is 1242 x 2688 pixels for portrait orientation and 2688 x 1242 pixels for landscape orientation. What is the iPhone 8 Plus 5.5-inch screenshot size? The iPhone 8 Plus 5.5-inch screenshot size is 1242 x 2208 pixels for portrait orientation and 2208 x 1242 pixels for landscape orientation.

How to create a screenshot for every iPhone version?

Then Apple came to save the day. With simplified screenshots, Apple allows app developers to generate screenshots for every iPhone version by simply uploading a 5.5″ screenshot asset. Their platform then downsizes this 5.5″ (iPhone 7 Plus) screenshot to 4.7″, 4″ and 3.5″ to fit every device in the Apple’s iPhone family.