What record labels are in Australia?

Universal Music Australia’s labels are listed below.

  • Casablanca Records Australia.
  • Decca Label Group.
  • Dew Process.
  • EMI Australia.
  • Golden Era Records.
  • Island Records Australia.
  • Lost Highway Australia.
  • Neon Records.

How do you get an indie record deal?

First, the traditional method, is through referrals. Indie labels are constantly talking to other industry people. They talk with managers, booking agents, publicists, other artists, and even other labels. It is in those conversations that a label is introduced to an artist they haven’t heard of before.

Do indie record labels make money?

“Record labels make their money on sales, touring, merchandise, anything they could sell that has the bands’ . . . the band or artist’s name on it.” When the record is released, the label keeps all the money until they have recouped their expenses, which includes the advance, recording costs, promotion and legal fees.

What are record labels looking for?

Record labels want good-looking, charismatic, personable and entertaining artists who fans will be able to connect with and look up to. Whilst it’s certainly not the be all and end all of the business, you’ll be putting yourself at a significant advantage if you’ve got it.

How do I start an indie record label?

How to Start a Record Label

  1. Create a Record Label Business Plan.
  2. Choose Your Record Label’s Business Structure.
  3. Determine Your Business Costs.
  4. Create a Unique Name for Your Record Label.
  5. Register Your Business and Open Financial Accounts.
  6. Purchase Equipment for Your Record Label.
  7. Market Your Record Label.

Why are indie labels important to the Australian music scene?

And while any young garage scrappers can record some tunes on their dad’s dusty old 4-track and whack it on Bandcamp, these indie labels hold a pretty important place in Australia’s music landscape.

What are the best hip hop record labels in Australia?

Artists: THE HERD, HERMITUDE, URTHBOY, ASTRONOMY CLASS, THE TONGUE, HORRORSHOW, THE LAST KINECTION, JOELISTICS & more. Elefant Traks is the only premier hip hop record label in Australia. What’s special about this label is the fact that members of THE HERD run it, meaning it is always going to be about the music.

Which is Australia’s best independent label?

Elefant Traks is one of Australia’s leading hip hop and beats labels and were the inaugural winner of Best Independent Label at the 2012 AIR Awards. Future Classic took out Best Independent Label at last year’s Carlton Dry Independent Music Awards and are up for nomination again in 2014.

What are the best electronic music labels in Australia?

Neon Records. The Australian based, Grammy nominated and multiple ARIA award winning label, headed up by Smiley Cleary and Carl West, is home to some of the world’s finest electronic music artists. Since launching almost a decade ago, the label has been instrumental in breaking acts like Skrillex, Rudimental, Icona Pop,…