What questions are on NCLEX-RN?

Which Subjects Are Covered on the Exam?

  • Management of Care: 17- 23% of questions.
  • Safety and Infection Control: 9-15% of questions.
  • Health Promotion and Maintenance: 6-12% of questions.
  • Psychosocial Integrity: 6-12% of questions.
  • Basic Care and Comfort: 6-12% of questions.

How many questions is the NCLEX-RN 2021?

On the NCLEX® examination, test takers will see a minimum of 75 questions and a maximum of 265 (145 maximum due to new COVID-19 policies). The NCLEX® examination is taken through Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT).

How do you cheat on the NCLEX-RN exam?

How To Pass The NCLEX-PN With Five Easy Cheats

  1. Look for the option that’s the most different in length, style or content.
  2. The longest or shortest answer out of all the questions is often the correct one.
  3. Look to see if two or three answers highlight the same concept using different words.

How many questions did you get on NCLEX-RN?

60 questions
Questions: The minimum number of questions that must be answered correctly to pass the NCLEX-RN has been decreased from 75 questions to 60 questions.

How long should you study for NCLEX?

How Long Should You Study for the NCLEX? To pass the NCLEX, students should plan to spend a minimum of 1-2 months studying.

Why is NCLEX so hard?

Unlike nursing school exams, which test for knowledge, the NCLEX tests your ability to apply and analyze situations using the nursing knowledge you gained in school. Logic and critical thinking, rather than rote memorization, are emphasized in this test—making it much more difficult and comprehensive.

What is the percentage to pass NCLEX?

Number of Candidates Taking NCLEX Examination and Percent Passing, by Type of Candidate

2020 NCLEX-PN® Pass Rates*
Candidates Jan.–March YTD Total
First-Time, U.S. Educated 86.01% 83.08%
Repeat, U.S. Educated 33.25% 35.65%
First-Time, International 52.21% 54.82%

How many times can I take the NCLEX?

eight times a year
You can retake the exam 45 days after your last attempt, and you can take the NCLEX up to eight times a year.

How many questions are on the NCLEX?

Exam Time: The maximum time allowed for writing the exam has been shortened from 6 hours to 4 hours.

  • Questions: The minimum number of questions that must be answered correctly to pass the NCLEX-RN has been decreased from 75 questions to 60 questions.
  • Pre-test Questions: The 15 pre-test questions were removed from the exam.
  • How to pass the NCLEX?

    First Steps. Congratulations!

  • Preparing for the NCLEX. You want to review enough nursing information to pass the exam without frying your brain.
  • Relax the Night Before the Exam. Use the morning before the exam to relax your mind and avoid studying.
  • Positivity is Key.
  • Test-Taking Skills.
  • Take Breaks.
  • When in Doubt.
  • You’re Ready to Fly Solo.
  • How much does NCLEX exam cost?

    Typical costs: The registration fee for taking either NCLEX exam (-PN or -RN), is $200. To schedule an exam at an international site, the fee is $350.

    When did you take Your NCLEX?

    The earliest date on which you can take the NCLEX-RN® exam varies depending on your state, but the majority of students test approximately 45 days after the date of their graduation. Each state determines the requirements for graduate nurses, licensure pending.