What kind of game is S4 League?

S4 League (Korean: S4리그) is a free to play, third-person shooter genre multiplayer online game developed by Game On Studio and published by Neowiz Games in 2007. It was published in South Korea by Neowiz Games, Europe and North America by Aeria Games, Thailand by AsiaSoft, Taiwan by Nine Buddy Games Inc., Japan by Game On Studio,…

Are S4 League servers still up?

S4 League | S4 League Wiki | Fandom S4 League S4 League (Korean: S4리그) was an online, acrobatic, free-to-play, third-person shooting game first developed by Pentavision and published in 2007 by Neowiz Games. The European servers were shut down on April 29, 2021.

Does S4 League have a skill ceiling?

At the advanced level, players have discovered many movement techniques and animation cancels that lead to an almost limitless skill ceiling. S4 League contains both PvP and PvE gameplay, including team-based and free-for-all gameplay.

How does the S4 League rank system work?

The S4 League uses a Points System to determine winners in games and determines their ranks depending upon their final health points total. Players gain experience points for each game they play that level the player’s ranking, shared amongst all game modes.

Is League of Legends S4 League rank limited?

An S4 League server has both rank-limited channels and free rank channels. Players could compete within the rank leagues — Rookie, Amateur, Semi-Pro, and Pro — while any player could join the free rank channel. Custom games may also be limited by rank, if desired.

S4 League. S4 League is a third-person sci-fi shooter from GameOn Studios and Alaplaya with manga style graphics and MMO elements. Formerly developed by Pentavision, S4 League offers several game modes with battles that are fought in teams, where points are earned for leveling up and improving players’ characters.

What is the S4 league game client archive?

An archive of all the S4 League game clients modified to work with S4 server emulators. Modified by WTFBlub, credit to WAZAAAA & CC for providing several of these clients. These are unmodified and also compatible with the various resource tools.

What are the different modes in S4 League?

S4 League’s gameplay modes include Deathmatch, Captain, Touchdown, Chaser, Battle Royal, Arcade, and Siege. The game is free-to-play, with an optional item shop.