What is VStar?

What is VStar? VStar is a multi-platform, easy-to-use variable star data visualization and analysis tool that was originally developed as part of the AAVSO’s Citizen Sky project. Data for a star can be read from the AAVSO database or from a text file of your own creation.

What is V-stars N silver?

• V-STARS N Silver is a work-horse system for engineering and industrial measurement tasks with less demanding accuracy requirements Along with the camera, the N system comprises a notebook computer, V-STARS software for automatic data processing, and accessories, all of which fits into two small cases that can travel as carry-on luggage.

How do I add a new star to my VStar?

To do this, click the “New Star from AAVSO Database…” button in the upper left corner of the VStar screen, then choose a star from the 10-star drop-down list or type in the name of another star from the AAVSO database.

What is the accuracy of V-stars N?

As can be seen in the table of system features below, V-STARS N produces routine 3D measurement accuracy on a 4m object in the range of 1:80,000 (Silver) through 1:115,000 (Gold) to 1:160,000 (Platinum), with higher precision being possible.