What is the real name of Anygma?

Founded by 26-year-old Alaric Riam Yuson (better known as Anygma) along with two others, FlipTop – to the perennial frustation of the league – has become a widely-used (erroneous) term for a rap battle.

What is the real name of Abra?

Raymond Abracosa
Abra/Full name

Who hosts KOTD?

founder Organik
King of the Dot is hosted by its founder Organik. Past co-hosts have included various hip hop artists, including Drake, Method Man, Raekwon, The Alchemist, MC Hammer, Too $hort, E-40, DJ Skee, Sticky Fingaz, Spider Loc, Reef the Lost Cauze, Slaine, Sabac Red, Sid Wilson, Jus Allah, and more.

What is the real name of loonie in real life?

Loonie (real name: Marlon Peroramas) is a Filipino battle rapper from Pasig, Philippines.He currently has 20 battles catalogued, which total 196,298,768 views.

How many battles does Loonie have in FlipTop?

He currently has 12 battles cataloged. Loonie (Real name: Marlon Peroramas) The King and priest of the match, the only person who became one of Fliptop’s Isabuhay champions after defeating Plazma on his Birthday (finals of Isabuhay). The superb multi and has become the idol of most, causing the so-called Loonie Wannabes of Fliptop.

What happened between Sinio and Shehyee?

However, in an undercard match between Sinio and Shehyee during the Ahon 7 event on December 16, 2016, Shehyee threw disrespectful lines against Sinio’s wife, Bie Sarmiento, during the battle. This led to Sinio aggressively rebutting Shehyee by dissing the latter’s girlfriend, internet sensation Ann Mateo.

Who is the Best Emcee in flip top battle?

He is just one of the best funny emcees in flip-top Battles. Zaito lives in Las Piñas, Metro Manila. Reppin at Vigilante Family and South Radical Production, There are many people saying that he is not worthy to battle again in flip-top because of his defeat against Loonie.