What is the importance of hip hop?

Hip Hop is incredibly accessible. If you have any performing, rhyming or poetic talent you can tell your life story, your community story, through rapping, background music and accessible means. This makes it globally significant- people can put their own regional and global spin!

What does DJ stand for in hip hop?

disc jockey

Who is the best hip hop DJ in the world?

30 Best Hip Hop DJs of 2020 Top Rap DJsDJ Snake.DJ Khaled.GRAMATIK.DJ Square Biz.DJ Enuff.DJ Clue.DJ Greg Street.DJ Prostyle.

Who is the most influential rapper of all time?

A list by WuDang2Pac. The essence of an MC – lyrics, flow, stage presence (ie. Eric B. & Rakim. KRS-One. The Blast Master/The Teacher – the self-ascribed walking embodiment of hip hop. Nas. Probably the most introspective rapper to ever make an album. Ice Cube. The Notorious B.I.G. Jay-Z. Big Daddy Kane.

Who is the hottest rapper of 2020?

Top Hottest Rappers 2020Roddy Rich. 2020 has yet been the best year for Roddy Rich as long as his rap career is concerned. DaBaby. Drake. Joyner Lucas. Kendrick Lamar. Travis Scott. J. Lil Uzi Vert.

Who is the No 1 rapper in the world?

1 Eminem Eminem, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is an American rapper, actor and music producer born on Octo in St. Joseph, Missouri. Eminem has sold over 300 million records making him the bestselling hip-hop artist of all time.

Who are the top 5 rappers?

The Top 5 looked pretty much like we all knew it would, Eminem, Big, Pac, Jay, Nas are undoubtedly undisputed.

Who is world’s best rapper?

15 best rappers in the world right now in 2020Tupac. 2pac. 2pac Verified. The Notorious B.I.G. thenotoriousbig. thenotoriousbig Verified. Eminem. eminem. eminem Verified. Kendrick Lamar. kendricklamar. kendricklamar Verified. Jay-Z. jayzz_official. jayzz_official. Nas. nas. nas Verified. Drake. champagnepapi. champagnepapi Verified. Lil Wayne. liltunechi. liltunechi Verified.

What rapper is the King of YouTube?

As far as musicians go, he’s established himself as the king of YouTube. YoungBoy Never Broke Again has been on YouTube’s Top Artists list in the United States for the past 101 weeks, and he’s been No. 1 for the last 19.

What rappers are broke?

Here are rappers who went totally broke.50 Cent owed a lot of money for doing illegal stuff. MC Hammer had 200 people on his payroll. Lil Kim failed to save her home. DMX owed over a million dollars in child support. Lisa Lopes borrowed money to pay for her bankruptcy lawyer. Bow Wow couldn’t afford his Ferrari.

Who was the richest rapper?

Kanye West

Who is king of rap?


Who is the original king of rap?

Kurtis Blow

Who is the King of Pop now?

Justin Bieber

Who is the king of emo rap?

Lil Peep

Who is the queen of emo?

Taylor Swift

Is Juice WRLD emo?

As much as pedantic emo purists might insist otherwise, Juice WRLD is an emo artist. He’s as emo as My Chemical Romance. Hip-hop also has this same history of stigmatizing expressions of vulnerability, but Juice WRLD fearlessly wears his heart on his sleeve through his music and makes no effort to put on a fa├žade.

Who is the richest female rapper of all time?


Who’s richer Nicki or Cardi?

But of course, we can’t underestimate Cardi B. Although, she released 1 solo album, 2 solo mixtapes, 27 singles, and 14 music videos, Forbes and TecroNet reported that her net worth as of 2020 is $80 million. She’s almost as close to Minaj’s worth and undoubtedly, it won’t take her long to reach the 100 mark as well.

What is Cardi B’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Cardi B’s net worth in 2020 is $24 million.