What is the full meaning of narrating?

: to tell (a story) in detail The children enjoyed the lively manner with which she narrated her life’s story. also : to provide spoken commentary for (something, such as a movie or television show) The documentary is narrated by a famous actor.

What do you mean by a narrator?

noun. a person who gives an account or tells the story of events, experiences, etc. a person who adds spoken commentary to a film, television program, slide show, etc.

What does vigil mean in English?

Definition of vigil 1 : the act of keeping awake at times when sleep is customary also : a period of wakefulness. 2 : an event or a period of time when a person or group stays in a place and quietly waits, prays, etc., especially at night a candlelight vigil kept vigil at her bedside.

What does the word Narod means?

the people
noun. historical. In Russia and (formerly) the Soviet Union: the people, the nation; (specifically in Russian and Soviet political ideology) the common people viewed as the bearers of national culture. Narod has been used by successive movements to denote differing demographic groups.

What is a third person narrator?

Definition: Third-Person Narration. THIRD-PERSON NARRATION: Any story told in the grammatical third person, i.e. without using “I” or “we”: “he did that, they did something else.” In other words, the voice of the telling appears to be akin to that of the author him- or herself.

Who can be a narrator?

A narrator is the person from whose perspective a story is told. The narrator narrates the text. A narrator only exists in fictional texts or in a narrative poem. A narrator may be a character in the text; however, the narrator does not have to be a character in the text.

What is narrative type?

The narrative definition includes spoken or written accounts of connected events. Narrative writing is a type of writing that is told in great detail and focuses solely on the practice of telling stories. Its purpose is to tell readers “the whole story”.