What is the best location for an attic fan?

You can place attic fans in the roof or in the gable wall inside your attic space. If you want to place a fan in the roof, you should position it between the rafters. Ideally, you should place your new attic fan over one of your existing vents, cutting a larger hole if necessary.

How many windows do I need for a whole house fan?

A: Opening two or more windows half way or more is recommended. Basically you should make it easy for the home ventilation system to pull in air. As for which windows to open, for general cooling you want to open windows far away from the fan to provide airflow to the whole house.

Can you install a whole house fan yourself?

It is not difficult to install a whole house fan. The procedure requires cutting a hole in the attic floor and mounting the unit across the joists. You will, however, be working in the attic; so there are a number of safety pointers to keep in mind. Since the attic is apt to be dark, rig up a work light.

Should you run whole house fan all night?

Only use your fan when the outdoor air is cooler than your indoor air. Make sure your A/C is off when you run the fan to avoid wasting energy. We recommend running the whole house fan all night. The goal is to cool your entire house down, not just the air.

How many attic fans should you have?

You need a minimum of 1 square foot of attic air venting for each 750 CFM of air flow. If you need 6,000 CFM of air flow through your house, divide 6,000 by 750 to get a minimum 8 square feet of attic venting. That translates to one attic vent 3 feet by 3 feet, or two attic vents, each 1 ½ feet by 1 ½ feet.

How long does it take to install a whole house fan?

Most jobs are completed in approximately 90 minutes as long as you have an electrical outlet within the vicinity of the whole house fan.

Are whole house fans noisy?

Whole house fans can be noisy, especially if improperly installed. In general, a large-capacity fan running at low speed makes less noise than a small fan operating at high speed. All whole house fans should be installed with rubber or felt gaskets to dampen noise.

Where is the best location for a whole house fan?

Although it really depends on the home, the whole house fan works best when you install it close to the center of your home. The best place is an unobstructed hallway. In order to determine which spot is best in your home, go to your attic and choose the attic joists nearest to the center.

How do you install a whole house fan?

Plug in your whole house fan’s electrical cord into the control box. Plug the control box in to an outlet in the attic. Return to the hallway and using your Phillips Drill Bit, mount your grill into the hole cut in the ceiling. Your whole house exhaust fan is now installed and ready for you to enjoy.

Does a whole house fan really work?

A whole house fan is an inexpensive and energy-efficient method of cooling an entire house. A whole house fan is installed in the attic of the house. It works by drawing in cool, fresh outdoor air inside via open windows and screen doors. It then exhausts the hot air through the attic and outside.

What size whole house fan do I Need?

Standard home size whole house fans are typically having a diameter of 24 to 36 inches, but the fan size may need to be adjusted to conform to the living space size.