What is the Bad Elf?

Each Bad Elf model provides you with a high-performance GPS signal even in challenging or remote environments, away from cellular towers and Wi-Fi access points. Our products are approved under Apple’s Made for iPod program and work with all location-based apps in the App Store.

How accurate is the Garmin GLO 2?

According to Garmin’s website, the accuracy of the GLO 2 is 3m, with an update rate of 10x per second (depending on the device you connect it to).

Does Bad Elf work with Android?

Our Bad Elf GNSS receivers provide reliable and high-performance GPS reception to any Bluetooth equipped computing device – Apple, Android, or Windows. Bad Elf also supports Android and Windows devices, providing streaming location data in standard NMEA sentences.

Does Bad Elf work with Google Maps?

Our products work seamlessly with most GIS and mapping apps. Our products are certified thru Apple’s MFi hardware accessory program, so they work with any location-based app in the iTunes App Store. Android and Windows platforms are supported as well and as such, your Bad Elf isn’t restricted to any mobile platform.

Is Bad Elf waterproof?

On the back of the Bad Elf GPS Receiver, you can find two pin holes toward the lower end of the unit. Behind those holes is the barometric sensor, which is protected by a waterproof layer that prevents water from entering the device, but allows air pressure to be monitored.

What does a Garmin GLO do?

Navigate with Garmin caliber GPS data on the mobile device of your choice. The GLO 2 receiver brings you the best of both worlds by combining GPS and GLONASS receivers with Bluetooth® wireless technology so you can enjoy precise position information on your iPad®, iPhone® or Android™ device.

What is the difference between skypro xgps150 and skypro xgps160?

The Bluetooth GPS Receiver is a direct successor and a better transformation of SkyPro XGPS150. XGPS160 also has a highly sensitive WAAS GPS receiver, good to use as an iPad GPS receiver. SkyPro GPS Receiver comes with a one year warranty.

How much does Bad Elf’s GPS cost?

Two models are available in this deluxe class. Bad Elf offers their Pro+ GPS with all of these advanced features, plus an altimeter, for $249.99. Dual offers their XGPS160 model for $149.95. Which one is best for pilots? None of these GPSs is really a bad choice, but we’ll offer two picks.

Does Bad Elf work with my phone or tablet?

Note that GPSs are app-agnostic – that is, they work with almost any app because Apple builds “location services” into its core iOS functionality. Many of these GPSs are also compatible with Android devices. The plug-in Bad Elf never needs charging or pairing.

What is the Dual Electronics xgps150a Bluetooth GPS receiver?

The Dual Electronics XGPS150A Bluetooth GPS Receiver is a wide area augmentation system. The XGPS150A is a portable attachment device that you can place on the dashboard. This highly-rated system allows you to catch up with several satellites simultaneously.