What is Socket H used for?

The sockaddr structure is used to define a socket address which is used in the bind(), connect(), getpeername(), getsockname(), recvfrom(), and sendto() functions. The header shall define the sockaddr_storage structure.

Where is socket H in Linux?

On Debian and it’s derivates (Ubuntu.) are basic header files (including sys/socket. h ) in package libc6-dev . The place under /usr/include is arch dependent.

Does SYS socket H work on Windows?

The header is defined in IEEE Std. 1003.1 (POSIX), but sadly Windows is non-compliant with the POSIX standard.

What is In_port_t?

in_port_t. An unsigned integral type of exactly 16 bits. in_addr_t. An unsigned integral type of exactly 32 bits.

What is Sockaddr_storage?

The SOCKADDR_STORAGE structure stores socket address information. Since the SOCKADDR_STORAGE structure is sufficiently large to store address information for IPv4, IPv6, or other address families, its use promotes protocol-family and protocol-version independence and simplifies cross-platform development.

What is H Netinet?

The header also defines the IN6ADDR_LOOPBACK_INIT macro. This macro must be constant at compile time and can be used to initialize a variable of type struct in6_addr to the IPv6 loopback address. The

What is Wsadata in C?

The WSADATA structure contains information about the Windows Sockets implementation. The MAKEWORD(2,2) parameter of WSAStartup makes a request for version 2.2 of Winsock on the system, and sets the passed version as the highest version of Windows Sockets support that the caller can use.

How is the socket programming in Linux different from that in Windows?

This means that on Linux and macOS, you can generally use all of the general purpose file functions with socket handles (e.g. read() , write() ). On Windows, socket handles can only be used with special socket functions.

What is Sin_family?

sin_family. The address family for the transport address. This member should always be set to AF_INET. sin_port. A transport protocol port number.

What is Netdb H?

The header defines the hostent structure that includes at least the following members: char *h_name Official name of the host. char **h_addr_list A pointer to an array of pointers to network addresses (in network byte order) for the host, terminated by a null pointer.