What is PowerPay?

PowerPay is a digital commerce platform that bring consumers, contractors/dealers, and lenders together for the purpose of making home improvements more affordable. By helping our contractors modernize with the use of technology we built a platform that is simple and easy to use.

How does dentrix pay work?

Dentrix Pay saves credit card information in your merchant’s “payment vault,” and you can use that information to make future payments–with your patient’s consent, of course. And when you charge a payment to a saved card, the payment is instantly credited to your practice.

What can PowerPay org do for you?

PowerPay will give you the tools to develop a personalized, self-directed debt elimination plan. Discover how quickly you can become debt free, and how much you can save in interest costs by following your debt reduction plan.

How do I pay my CUC bill online?

CUC’s Online Payment is back Online. You may make your payment online by logging in to our website at http://www.cucgov.org . Click on the “Pay Online” box and follow the instructions.

What is Ceridian PowerPay?

Powerpay is a flexible small business payroll and HR solution, with the features and options to tailor to your business needs. Whether you are just starting out or looking to grow, we have the right plan to help you and your business succeed.

How do I post a payment on dentrix?

How to do it:

  1. From the Ledger, click File > Payment Agreement Manager.
  2. Double-click a patient’s name on the list to view their agreement details.
  3. Click Enter Payment.
  4. Enter payment information as you normally would, but make sure to check the Apply to Payment Agreement box.
  5. Click OK.

How do I add a payment type in dentrix?

How To:

  1. From the Office Manager, select Maintenance > Practice Setup > Definitions.
  2. Under Definition Type, click on Payment Types.

What is payment of debt?

debt payment. noun [ C or U ] FINANCE, ECONOMICS. the act of paying back money that you have borrowed: make/meet debt payments Many people are struggling to meet their debt payments.

Which of the following is the total dollar amount paid to use credit expressed in a dollar amount?

Chapter 6 Consumer Credit

finance charge the total dollar amount you pay to use credit
net income the income you receive after taxes
annual percentage rate the cost of credit on a yearly basis
collateral a form of security to help guarantee that the creditor will be repaid

Where can I pay my CUC bill?

Please pay your CUC bill online at www.cucgov.org or by phone by dialing 1-855-PAY2CUC (1-855-729-2282). You can also pay at Bank of Guam, Bank of Saipan, and Bank of Hawaii.

How do I pay logic?

PAYMENT METHOD Select either Credit Card or Bank Transfer payment methods to fund your payment. We securely transfer the funds to your supplier via EFT or BPAY.

What types of loans does Powerpay offer?

Promotional Loans : PowerPay offers promotional loans. With these loans, there are no payments due until the promotion expires. You will receive notification of when you first payment is due. As an example, if you agreed to a 12 month promotional program, your first payment wouldn’t be due until month 13. Questions about your loan payment?

Why do contractors sign up with Powerpay?

Most contractors sign up with PowerPay so they can offer our loan programs to their customers that need financing when starting a home improvement. PowerPay is just an electronic platform that enables your contractor to offer you our loan program.

How do I get help setting up an automated payment?

Automated Payments: If you need help setting up your account, you can use our video and PDF resources or you can call our customer service team at (800) 397-4485. How do I make payments?