What is NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool?

The NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT) is a web-based application. IMT enables you to search for configurations of NetApp products and components that meet the standards and requirements specified by NetApp.

What is NetApp software?

NetApp, formerly Network Appliance Inc., is a company in the computer technologies industry specializing in data storage hardware and associated management software. The NetApp storage hardware includes all-flash and hybrid storage systems for block, file and object storage.

What is interoperability matrix?

The Interoperability Matrix Tool is the NetApp utility used to determine the officially supported configurations of NetApp and non-NetApp products across key components in the customer’s environment.

Which NetApp tool enables you to determine whether the organization’s infrastructure is compatible with NetApp systems?

The NetApp® Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT) defines the qualified components and versions you can use to build FC/FCoE, iSCSI, NFS and CIFS configurations.

How do I use NetApp Upgrade Advisor?

Click the Upgrade Advisor tab. Select the Data ONTAP release to which you want to upgrade from the Target Versions menu. Select the upgrade method and the level of detail you want included in your upgrade plan. Click Continue to generate your upgrade plan.

Is NetApp a SAN or NAS?

NetApp is now the fastest growing enterprise SAN storage vendor: Accelerate your SAN solutions with NetApp’s leading performance. Leverage the best cloud-connected infrastructure to flexibly move and protect your data across your hybrid cloud environment.

Why is NetApp so good?

Only NetApp delivers both cloud data services to your data center and enterprise storage capabilities to the public cloud. NetApp gives you a unified software-defined experience to manage your data across the world’s biggest public clouds, private clouds, and on premises.

What is Compatibility Matrix?

Compatible matrices are matrices which can be multiplied. For this to be possible, the number of columns in the first matrix must be equal to the number of rows in the second matrix. The product of an a×b matrix and a b×c matrix has dimensions a×c .

What is VMware compatibility guide?

The VMware Compatibility Guide is an online reference site hosted by VMware that shows what various hardware, converged systems, operating systems, third-party applications and VMware products are compatible with a specific version of a VMware software product.

What is NetApp known for?

NetApp, Inc. engages in the design, manufacture, marketing, and technical support of storage and data management solutions. It offers cloud data services, data storage software, data backup and recovery, all-flash storage, converged systems, data infrastructure management, ONTAP data security, and hybrid flash storage.

Does AWS use NetApp?

AWS recently introduced Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, a native AWS managed service powered by NetApp ONTAP. The popular features and performance of ONTAP file systems are now fully integrated with the agility, scalability, security, and resiliency of AWS.

What is the general software version support policy for NetApp?

The General Software Version Support Policy for NetApp, applicable to client, appliance, SANtricity OS software, StorageGRID software and Element OS (as defined above) is as follows: NetApp will provide Full Support for the latest two Feature Versions of a product (version “N” and version “N-1”)

What is the NetApp® interoperability matrix tool?

The NetApp ® Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT) defines the qualified components and versions you can use to build FC/FCoE, iSCSI, NFS and CIFS configurations. For every supported Data ONTAP OS release listed in the IMT, we support all subsequent patch releases in that maintenance release stream.

What are some examples of NetApp operating system software?

Examples of NetApp operating system software include ONTAP, ONTAP Select, and SANtricity. Optional System Software packaged with an operating system follows the policy of the operating system.

How do I know when NetApp will stop supporting my product?

Customers will be notified via a Customer Product Communiqué (CPC). After the 12-month Limited Support period, Feature Version “N-2” will no longer be supported by NetApp. The date marking the end of support for a specific version of a product is the End of Version Support date.