What is MBTI inferior function?

Home > My MBTI® Personality Type > Understanding MBTI® Type Dynamics > The Fourth or Inferior Function. The fourth-preferred, or inferior, function tends to be the least interesting to individuals, and they tend to have even fewer skills associated with it. Development of this function tends to come in late midlife.

What is inferior introverted Sensing?

The ENFPs inferior function is their introverted sensing (Si), which deals with comparing past experiences and finding patterns within them. Someone who uses introverted sensing as their dominant function can be rather stuck in past knowledge, always connecting things back to something which has happened before.

What is inferior extraverted intuition?

Inferior Extraverted Intuition (Ne) in ISTJs & ISFJs. For any of the Si (Introverted Sensing) dominants (ISFJ and ISTJ), Ne (Extraverted Intuition) represents the inferior function. The primary property of Ne involves a fascination with creating and exploring possibilities.

What is inferior se like?

Quenk describes Inferior Se as: “an obsessive focus on external data, overindulgence in sensual pleasures and an adversarial attitude toward the outer world”. The purpose of this thread is to describe situations where you or others have fallen into the grip and are inferior Se has taken over.

What is introverted intuition?

Introverted Intuition is a process that is oriented toward the inner world of insights, theories, and impressions. Its role is to collect conscious and subconscious data which it then integrates to create “impressions.” This ability to synthesize information gives Ni a penetrating and insightful quality.

How can you tell Infj from Intj apart?


  1. INFJs consider personal needs, whereas INTJs focus on efficiency.
  2. INFJs appear warm and approachable, whereas INTJs are more business-like.
  3. INFJs are more comfortable with emotional expression, whereas INTJs avoid it.
  4. INFJs believe opinions should be kept private, whereas INTJs thrive on spirited debate.

What is the difference between Entp and INTP?

ENTPs and INTPs are very similar, but their differences stand out in their approaches to problem-solving. ENTPs tend to think on a large scale, conceiving of and applying general patterns in order to understand a situation, while INTPs are more focused on the details, primarily considering individual facts.

What is inferior Fi?

Fi in a dominant, auxiliary or tertiary position will more or less manifest as a need to adhere to your personal values and principles. As an inferior function, however, it’s the opposite. It gives the individual a disdain for emotional expression and a fear of being seen as weak because of their feelings.

What is an unhealthy Infp like?

An unhealthy INFP tends to be domineering, self-conscious, and controlling. They see their ideals as the “truth” and any opinion against their ideals is offensive. Moreover, they hide problems and emotions in fear of displaying vulnerability.

What is SE grip Infj?

INFJs in the grip Your behavior will be completely out of character in the grip of extraverted sensing (Se). You may become obsessed with details about the outside world. You might start overdoing sensing activities. You try to control everything in your environment and make endless lists.

How do Intj use se?

INTJs also utilize Se a bit when they are trying to make fast decisions, or pick up on details and information from their surroundings. INTJs are capable of noticing certain changes, but only when it seems truly important or they feel they need to pay closer attention to these details.

Which types use Introverted Intuition?

The INFJ and INTJ choose Introverted iNtuition as their dominant preference, while the ENFJ and ENTJ use it to support their Feeling and Thinking functions respectively. The ISFP, ISTP, ESFP, and ESTP also possess Introverted iNtuition, but it does not often impact their behavior.