What is eldoLED driver?

We’re eldoLED We manufacture high performance LED drivers for lighting that’s seamless, fulfills your needs and complements natural light. Our mission is to help the lighting community deliver LED lighting that is comfortable, efficient, healthier and intelligent with smarter digital drive solutions.

What are DMX drivers?

A DMX Driver is a power supply and DMX decoder, requiring only mains electricity and a control signal to set up. DMX (Digital Multiplex Signal) controllers communicate using a hardwired connection that is decoded by the driver to control the attached lighting.

What is LEDcode?

The LEDcode Dimmer is a powerful peripheral to locally set a luminaire’s maximum light output, independent of the global lighting control – A valuable feature for applications where overall lighting scenes need flexibility, e.g. in art galleries with changing collections.

What is eldoLED dimming?

Traditional Dimming in LED drivers lowers the intensity of light. At eldoLED, we realize every LED’s dimming behavior is different and needs special attention. Dimming an LED involves dimming curves, drive current, dimming rates and levels. Transitioning to digital LED drivers requires reliable dimming technology.

What are LED light drivers?

An LED driver is an electrical device that regulates power to an LED or a string of LEDs. Forward Voltage is the amount of volts the light emitting diode requires to conduct electricity and light up. As temperature increases, the forward voltage of the LED decreases, causing the LED to draw more current.

What is a DMX port?

DMX (officially titled USITT DMX512) is a unidirectional serial data protocol, meaning it leaves the controller (computer or lighting board) and travels through all lighting fixtures in a daisy-chain.

What does a DMX decoder do?

The DMX 4-Channel Decoder is a key component used for pairing low voltage LED tape lights and fixtures with a DMX controller. It works by translating a DMX signal sent from the DMX controller into a PWM signal used to dim or control LED lights.

What is LEDcode NTC?

LEDcode/NTC LEDcode allows configuration of. • Dimming curve: lin / log. • Minimum dimming level. • NTC throttle temperature. • LED drive current per output: from 200mA-1,050mA in 1mA steps.

What are ELV dimmers?

Electronic Low Voltage (ELV) Dimmers were originally designed to control Electronic Low Voltage Transformers used in low voltage (12V) MR16 type fixtures. ELV dimmers and transformers are more expensive but offer quieter operation, better control and tend to last longer than Magnetic Low Voltage Transformers (MLV).

Can LED drivers be replaced?

LED Driver Replacement is a difficult process. When an LED fixture fails you need to either purchase a new fixture or replace the driver. In most scenarios it’s the LED driver that needs replacement (LED components have a longer shelf life).

How long does a LED driver last?

The driver is the heart of the LED light, and driver life can range from 10,000 to over 50,000 hours, depending on the design features, heat sink efficiency, capacitor construction, and overall quality. The above graph compares the lifespans of various types of lighting.